I've wanted to read this Above and Beyond series for years

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above and beyond series

I’ve wanted to read this Above and Beyond series for years

Review of ‘The Empath’ by Jody Klaire


I had a lot of fun with this read. I needed to take a break from ARC reading and I randomly ran into this book on my kindle. I have wanted to read this Above and Beyond series for years but always forgot about it. The mixture of mystery, light thriller, and a paranormal twist just sounds about perfect for my tastes. I’m glad I read this because it was really entertaining. There were a few issues, but for the most part, this was a lot of fun.

Aeron has been locked in a correction facility for the criminally insane for over a decade for murdering her childhood friend. Aeron is not insane but an Empath. She can feel what people are experiencing and can sometimes read their minds and even see bits of the future. Most people don’t believe her and the ones that do are afraid of her. When a new doctor enters the facility it may be the chance for Aeron to finally be free. But after spending her whole adult life locked up, being free may be harder than being locked away.

I really liked the empathetic powers Aeron had. While this does have a supernatural twist, it’s not too far out there. I mean a little but not too much. I recently read a book by Gerri Hill called ‘Gillette Park‘. If you liked that book chances are high you will enjoy this one. Both characters have similar powers but Aeron reads people more whereas Grace from Gillette Park reads ghosts more.

As the book moves on there is a murder mystery with a serial killer who is preying on teenagers. The problem for Aeron is while she is the main person who can probably solve the case, as a murderer, she is also the main subject. It sure added a twist to the mystery and you didn’t know what was going to happen to Aeron. The mystery itself was easy to figure out but it was still done well for this type of book.

This book doesn’t really have a romance. There is the start of something for Aeron, but just the start. Since she has been locked up since 16 she is still very stunted with her feelings so pushing her into a relationship in book one of a series would have been really unbelievable. I’m glad this is very slow-burn instead.

My one main issue is about Aeron’s family. They are horrible to Aeron just horrible. That part is fine for drama’s sake, but the fact Aeron is willing to start forgiving them for what they did at the end, is like no, no, no! They don’t get to say a few words and be forgiven. That was annoying. I really wish Klaire was not trying to wrap things up in a little happy bow at the end. And they need to get the hell out of Aeron’s house while they are at it.

Anyway, besides that one major issue, I really had fun with this. I also like that Aeron’s story is just beginning so I can only imagine the type of mystery-thrillers left to come. Not to mention the potential romance I have a feeling will really pay off as the series goes on. This was Klaire’s debut so I’m interested to see how her writing improves. I think there are 6 total books right now with maybe one still to come? I’m not sure how soon I will get back to this series but I will be back. I’m hooked enough that I have to read more.

Above and Beyond seriesAbove and Beyond series

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