Wow, the Winter Jacket Series series on audio is such a treat!

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All In, Winter Jacket 4 by Eliza Lentzski

Wow, the Winter Jacket Series series on audio is such a treat!

Review of All In, Winter Jacket 4 by Eliza Lentzski, audiobook narrated by Angela Dawe

Wow, this series on audio is such a treat! I’ve read Winter Jacket (book 1) years ago and absolutely loved it so when the series started to come out in audiobook narrated but no other than the magnificent Angela Dawe, I couldn’t wait to listen to them all.


This is book 4 and the final of the Winter Jacket series which also includes a prequel called Hunter (book 0). The rest of the series is formed by Winter Jacket (book 1), New Beginnings (book 2), and Finding Home (book 3). These books should be read in chronological order with maybe the exception of Hunter which tells part of the events in Winter Jacket 1 but from Hunter’s point of view. I’m not going to write my usual short description of the plot because there’s no way to do it without spoilers. Let’s just say that it’s the final part of Elle and Hunter’s love journey that started in book 1.

As I’ve said in my review of book 2, the tricky part of romance sequels is that it’s hard to keep the same tension and interest in a story when the main characters are already in an established relationship. No need to worry about this in the Winter Jacket series. I’m not sure how she does it, but Ms. Lentzski manages to keep the reader invested, the conflicts moving the plot forward and Elle and Hunter’s relationship extremely hot. Reading this series is like having a bird’s eye view or a fly on the wall perspective on their relationship which makes it very enjoyable to read. The dialogues are very well crafted and the characterisation of mains and secondaries is excellent.

If I have to make a list of the best characters in lesfic, Hunter Dyson would possibly be at the top. She’s a sweet, loving and mature character, the perfect counterpoint to Elle, who sometimes seems the younger one in terms of maturity despite of an age gap of more than a decade. As the series is mostly told from Elle’s point of view, the reader can fall in love a little with Hunter too. It doesn’t hurt that Ms. Dawe’s sultry voice for Hunter is sexy as hell. It makes the audiobook version of the series oh-so-worth it.

Apart from her stellar rendition of Hunter, Ms. Dawe’s narration of this series is fantastic. I’m always in awe of the diversity of voices, female or male, that she can produce. The performance of the different emotions is perfect as usual. It’s a pity to say goodbye to this series (Ms. Lentzski confirmed that she’s not going to release Hunter on audiobook). I recommend listening to books 1 to 4, they are all excellent. 5 stars.

Length: 6 hrs and 59 mins

All In

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