A very good wlw student teacher romance with a twist

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wlw student teacher romance

A very good wlw student teacher romance with a twist

Review of ‘Winter Jacket’ by Eliza Lentzski, Audiobook narrated by Angela Dawe

This is a wlw student teacher romance with a twist. Instead of the stereotyped student crush, we get to read the story from the infatuated teacher’s point of view.


I’ve read this book years ago and loved it. As it has recently been released in audiobook, narrated by none less than Angela Dawe, I’ve jumped at the chance to revisit the story. ‘Winter Jacket’ is told in first person from the point of view of Assistant Professor Elle Graft, who is relatively new in her job and still learning to navigate the hardships of academic life while fighting for a tenure position. Having a strong student crush wasn’t part of the plan, especially involving equally enigmatic as gorgeous graduate student Hunter Dyson…

‘Winter Jacket’ – incidentally an unforgettable title – is book one of the series under the same name. There is a prequel to this one called ‘Hunter’ which tells the story from the namesake pov, intertwining in time with ‘Winter Jacket’. The series continues with ‘New Beginnings’, ‘Finding Home’ and ‘All in’, all of them following Elle and Hunter as their relationship evolves. I haven’t read any of the other books but if Angela Dawe will be narrating the rest, count me in.

As I said above, ‘Winter Jacket’ is narrated in first person from the point of view of Elle, who is as much a fascinating and frustrating character. Ms. Lentzski not only inverts the role of the infatuated person but also makes the more mature character… well, immature. As it’s normal with first-person pov, the reader learns about Hunter from Ellen’s perspective which makes her unattainable and intriguing, starting with the mini-mystery of why she never takes her winter jacket off in the warm classroom.

The reader is naturally in Elle’s headspace a lot, who is fleshed out really well especially in all her shortcomings. She’s a frustrating character to read but, at the same time, realistic. It doesn’t hurt that Angela Dawe brings her to life in such an exquisite way, performing all the range of emotional turmoil as the pro she is. However, for me, Ms. Dawe’s interpretation of Hunter deserves special praise because she makes us all fall in love a little with her alongside Elle. Hunter’s voice, husky and sultry should be taught in voice artists’ classes as the epitome of sensuality.

Overall, a highly recommended audiobook that will make you want to listen to the rest of the series. Book 2 is going to be released soon and Book 3 is going to be recorded in 2021 (both narrated by Angela Dawe). 5 stars.

Length: 8 hours, 54 minutes.

wlw student teacher romancewlw student teacher romance

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