Review of ‘Love to the Rescue’ by Radclyffe

‘Love to the Rescue’ is the fifth installment in Radclyffe’s ‘Rivers Community Romance’ series.

Brody Clark is a flight medic returning to her hometown after abruptly joining the Army and leaving ten years ago. Her return opens up some old wounds tied to her past with the Rivers family and her struggle to forgive her own reasons for leaving town in the first place. Val Valentine has also returned home after becoming a veterinarian and successfully starting a practice in Manhattan. Her mentor and father figure needed help running the practice she worked for many years ago. Val returned to help him and perhaps make amends for past mistakes.

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Review of ‘Sweat Equity’ by Monica McCallan.

‘Sweat Equity’ by Monica McCallan is the first book in the ‘LadyLuck Startups Romance’ series. Seems the series will revolve around three Stanford graduate friends and co-founders of a lesbian dating app company. Brennan, Carter and Avery share two apartments in Brennan’s house in San Francisco. This book is Avery’s story.

Avery Simmons is the person in charge of the technical end of the startup company. Her life is in shambles after she discovered her girlfriend of three years cheated on her. This brings Avery to Brennan’s empty second apartment awaiting a new roommate. Enter Charlie Grant, Brennan’s old boarding school friend who is trying to start a new chapter in her life. She is attempting to leave personal tragedy, overbearing parents and a promising but unfulfilling career in New York City in order to try a more meaningful one as a personal trainer. The new roommate arrangement starts with some rocky moments until there’s a truce between the two characters as Avery asks Charlie to guide her in her journey to physical fitness.

Avery’s character is the youngest of the group and she is treated as such by her friends and family. This is something she tries to overcome throughout the book and plays a role in explaining her moods. However, the character does have some redeeming qualities and grows on the reader as the story progresses. Charlie, on the other hand, is more even-keeled and mature throughout the majority of the book but later falls into uncharacteristically immoral behavior which seems a bit forced. There is this constant pull and push and flip flopping of who was doing the right, mature thing in this book that was frustrating to read. The author moves the relationship forward through thoughtful, meaningful moments only to negate them with the characters’ next action.

The company setup and secondary characters were enjoyable and will no doubt serve well in the future installments of this series. The three friends’ banter is on point, entertaining and in my opinion the highlight of the book.

This book is available for purchase through Amazon or free through Kindle Unlimited.

Overall an okay read with a slow and at times frustrating romance. 3.5 stars.

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Review of ‘Claire and the Lady Billionaire’ by Giselle Fox.

‘Claire and the Lady Billionaire’ by Giselle Fox is a contemporary lesbian romance series so far of 8 novellas. This is the story of Claire and Camille’s romance and is entirely narrated from Claire’s first person point of view.

Claire Lundy moved back to her hometown in Oregon to help her parents after her father was seriously injured. She works at a supermarket to make ends meet while also unsuccessfully applying for an MBA in a prestigious business school. One evening, Claire’s luck changes when a stranger walks into the supermarket and invites Claire to her nearby mansion for a fireworks display and perhaps more. Claire has never been attracted to women, but this stranger with pale crystal blue eyes and a certain vulnerability manages to intrigue her so she accepts what ends up being a life changing proposition.

The first installment is a great short introduction to this tale setting the tone for the rest of the series. The author immediately creates intrigue regarding the Billionaire by not disclosing her name. The billionaire’s story is revealed slowly throughout the books but it quickly becomes obvious that there is more to her circumstances than meets the eye. Although initially mysterious and flippant, she becomes warmer, more vulnerable and relatable as the story progresses. The first person point of view narration is a great choice as it makes these books more passionate and personal. Along the way when Claire’s true motives behind wanting to be the billionaire’s companion are questioned, one cannot help but feel defensive on her behalf. Her triumphs throughout the series become our own as the reader undoubtedly becomes her champion (and my romance-driven heart hopes, of their relationship as well).

This is a Rich/Poor Girl romance that will no doubt appeal to the fans of this trope. There are fabulous houses and exotic locations, tales of blackmail, competition, family drama and even a secondary celebrity topic to fuel and advance the story through the eight published novellas.

I have read several of Ms Fox’s books and they are all solid stories with narration that flows with ease. They also contain many explicit, but well written sex scenes as Gaby commented on her review of ‘Year of the Kiss’. The main characters’ chemistry is palpable and steamy in this series. If this doesn’t appeal you as a reader, then you should skip it.

The books don’t finish in cliffhangers but be aware that the story will continue in the following book, so keep that in mind when committing on reading this series. It is my understanding that Ms. Fox normally releases an installment every other published book and has no intention of finishing this story yet.

All books in the series are available for purchase through Amazon or free through Kindle Unlimited.

Overall a great, entertaining read that will not disappoint. 4.5 stars.

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