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In the spotlight by Lesley Davis

An entertaining read with great chemistry

Review of In the Spotlight by Lesley Davis

Cole Calder and Eris Whyte have a great audition and land the main roles for an upcoming movie. The chemistry is undeniable on the screen but as filming starts, it’s evident it spills out into real life. All is a dream come true for both women, except Cole’s fans are not ready to see her move on. Cole’s tv series has a following that ships her with costar Maria. Those fans’ harassment caused the separation from her last girlfriend, as well as forcing Cole to leave the show. One fan in particular, Brooke, is not happy and wants Cole reunited with Maria at any cost.


In true me fashion, I barely read the blurb, was intrigued by what I read and the cover, and totally missed that this is the second book in the series. Starstruck is the first book and the mains feature heavily in a secondary role in this one. I managed to get the just off it just fine but I will be going back to read the first book now as I’m interested in their story as well.

This was an entertaining read. The chemistry was wonderful. It was fantastic to read about two women that felt attraction and were free to pursue a relationship. There were no ‘walls’ to break down or horrible past to overcome. The conflict came in the form of a fan. Go figure.

My only small complaint is the fanatic rhetoric getting to be a bit much. The pathology gets you to not distinguish fiction from reality, so felt the couple times the author launched into an explanation, it was unnecessary. It is also worth mentioning that there is no mystery in this one. It is very obvious early on who the characters are and those readers looking for true intrigue will be disappointed.

Overall, enjoyed this one and will go back and read the first book as I really enjoyed those characters. 4 stars

ARC generously provided to me by BSB via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

In the Spotlight by Lesley Davis

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