A solid start to a new law enforcement series

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Stone’s Mistake by Adrian J. Smith

A solid start to a new law enforcement series

Review of Stone’s Mistake by Adrian J. Smith

Special Agent Morgan Stone is the FBI’s best profiler. She is in the middle of a human trafficking case when Chicago Homicide Detective Fiona Wexford reaches out for a second opinion on a case. Morgan’s crush on Fiona may have something to do with her willingness to assist, but what she finds blends the personal and professional like no other case has. Morgan must overcome all of it if she is to apprehend her elusive serial killer.


This was one interesting experience. Initially, I thought the first chapter was terrible. It had this woman crashing into another woman’s house in the middle of a blizzard and basically becoming an instant couple. I was so confused I reached out to a fellow reviewer to see if I was missing something. Well, I postponed this book only to try again since it was the last ARC I had. Then, there it was, the craziness was on purpose and tada! Lollie was actually a delusional woman! The rest of the book kept my attention! Yay for perseverance!

Stone’s Mistake is the first novel in Agent Morgan Stone’s series. Morgan’s home base is Chicago, although travel is significant in this book. I have always been intrigued by law enforcement and the FBI, so I’m very happy to have found this book. The author did a great job laying the groundwork for future installments. Stone has many siblings with some potential family drama there. The relationship with Fiona was almost a teaser in this book but got complicated at the end. As a romance reader, I can’t wait to see what book two brings. There is another somewhat complicated relationship with her FBI partner, Pax. And the human trafficking case is just starting. The potential of this series is definitely there, and I will promptly get in line for book two.

The case itself brings us a woman serial killer looking for her perfect match. It starts small and snowballs with Stone getting right in the middle of it. There are some questionable decisions along the way, but once the action started it managed to keep me engaged until the end. Do not expect an intricate thriller or I feel it will be a bit disappointing. Typos on the second half of the book didn’t help.

The cover is stunning. I could not find the designer’s name on the credits, but wow, I loved it.

Overall, a solid start to a new law enforcement series. It definitely left me intrigued and wanting to know what’s next for our main. 4 stars

ARC generously provided to me by Supposed Crimes via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Stone’s Mistake by Adrian J. Smith

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