One of the best lesbian erotica audiobooks out there

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best lesbian erotica audiobooks

One of the best lesbian erotica audiobooks out there

Review of ‘The Night Off’ by Meghan O’Brien,

Audiobook narrated by Alexandria Wilde

Emily Parker has a busy life both as an accountant and taking care of her younger sister. One night, she decides to relinquish her control and pay an escort to help her forget all her obligations. Nat Swayne is a high-priced escort who behaves professionally to fulfill the fantasies of women without ever becoming emotionally involved. That is, until the night she meets Emily when all her hidden feelings start to spiral out of control. If only she could convince Emily to give them a chance…


Meghan O’Brien is an accomplished author of lesbian erotica and throughout the years has crafted a very distinctive style of stories heavy on the erotica but balanced with a good amount of angst and romance. ‘The night off’ is a prime example as this story has it all: varied and hot sex scenes, sweet romance and a great deal of drama.

I have to warn that there is a good quantity of light BDSM throughout the plot which I’m not a fan but it’s not gratuitous and it makes sense within the story. What I like about this author is that her erotica transcends the depiction of purely sexual acts by dealing with deeper feelings. Both main characters arrive at their relationship from very different places but, at the same time, they are very similar: lonely women and looking for compassion and love.

I’ve read the book a few years ago and liked it very much but let me tell you that nothing prepares you for the experience of listening to the audiobook narrated by Abby Craden under the pseudonym of Alexandria Wilde. I hate to repeat myself but Ms. Craden/Wilde is in a different league than most lesfic narrators. This book is incredibly demanding not only because of the explicit sex scenes but also due to the deep emotions that are present but suffice to say that the narrator nails it with her usual prowess. She gives a convincing performance in all fronts bringing the story to a new light. If you are a fan of erotica with a bit of substance, this book is for you.

One of the best lesbian erotica audiobooks I’ve listened to. Duration: 7 hours, 31 minutes of lesfic bliss. 5 stars.

best lesbian erotica audiobooksbest lesbian erotica audiobooks

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