A great addition to the Dark Peak Series by Cari Hunter
dark peak series by cari hunter

A great addition to the Dark Peak Series by Cari Hunter

Review of ‘Cold to the Touch’ by Cari Hunter, Audiobook narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent

Book 2 of the Dark Peak Series by Cari Hunter.


Ugh. That beginning broke my heart. Not fair. I’m not a hugger (my friends can attest to that) but I would totally have hugged Sanne.

When I got started on this review, I had half a mind to simply write “Read this book. Drop everything and read this book”. I can tell you how brilliant it is, but like with E. J. Noyes’ books, for example, if I start listing everything I love, I’ll end up spoiling and it would be faster and way better to just read the book.

Anyhow. Sanne’s all out of sorts – no-spoiler rule so I’m not saying why – and her work is suffering. She’s on probation and can’t get Meg to comfort her. Being the awesome detective that she is, she makes connections between the case she and Nelson are working on and another one, and wind up looking for a serial killer. In the meantime, Meg’s violent brother is back in the picture and bad things happen. See, that’s me trying not to spoil. It makes for a boring review but trust me, read the book. You’ll be happy I didn’t reveal too much, it’s so cleverly done (the book, not my not-revealing-too-much).

Both storylines – the police procedural on one hand, the Sanne-and-Meg arc on the other – are captivating and thrilling. Cari Hunter almost makes me want to trudge through the snow with Sanne and her colleagues to catch bad guys and gals. That’s talent, seriously. And I love everything about Meg and Sanne’s relationship, even when they make me want to bang my head against the wall or feel like my heart is being cut in two by the slasher’s serrated knife.

As if that weren’t enough, once again, Nicola Victoria Vincent’s narration couldn’t be more perfect. Now scoot and go read this book.

Length: 8 hrs and 29 mins

dark peak series by cari hunterdark peak series by cari hunter

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