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Desert Island Books

Based on the BBC radio programme ‘Desert Island Discs’, we’ve adapted this idea to ask castaways to list up to eight books, one song and one luxury item that they couldn’t do without on a desert island.

The rules are fairly simple, any type of book can be selected, but we ask that at least half are lesfic. Choices should be justified in a paragraph or two. Any type of music is allowed. The luxury item must be inanimate and of no use in escaping the island or allowing communication from outside.

Other Desert Island Choices

Carolyn Elizabeth's Desert Island Books

My book choices

The Deed of Paksenarrion‘ by Elizabeth Moon

Awesome fantasy story about the growth of a badass woman warrior, her faith and her belief in herself.

Fragmentary Blue‘ by Erica Abbott

Great mystery with great MC chemistry and C.J. St. Clair is my kind of woman.

Nottingham: The True Story of Robyn Hood‘ by Anna Burke

Wonderfully vivid, diverse and clever retelling of well-know story from a queer feminist perspective. Very entertaining.

A Quiet Death‘ by Cari Hunter

The entire trilogy is great, but I want the one where Sanne and Meg finally get together.

Sunstone‘ Vol. 1 by Stjepan Sejic

Read it and you, too, will understand. It’s gorgeous on every level.

Lucky 7‘ by Rae D. Magdon

I’m reading it now and really enjoying it, so I don’t want to leave it behind.

Aurora’s Angel‘ by Emily Noon

I haven’t read it yet, but it looks awesome and I’d love to savor a nice long new book.

Harrow the Ninth‘ by Tamsyn Muir

In my heart of hearts I know Gideon and Harrow will find their way back to each other.

My song choice

Party of One” by Brandi Carlile.
It’s an absolutely beautiful song that manages to be both a heart wrenching break-up song and hopeful love song. 

My inanimate object choice

I can write my stories with a stick in the sand, so in the interest of taking the fact that I’m stranded on an island seriously I’m gonna take a good knife for hunting and shelter building.

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