Last Chance Chicago by Diana DiGangi
last chance chicago by diana digangi

Last Chance Chicago by Diana DiGangi

Excellent new debut!

I usually don’t gravitate towards debuts, but this particular genre interested me so I took a chance on a brand new release and I loved it. Last Chance Chicago by Diana DiGangi is such a good book!


This is a very well written and smart financial thriller with so much heart. The author is an investigative journalist and at times the story reads like a piece of financial crimes journalism. It features two intelligent and strong female leads, one is corporate attorney Sam DiCiccio and the other is hedge fund manager Amy Igarashi. The lawyer is a recovering cocaine addict who ends up defending her estranged ex-wife after she has been falsely charged with felony insider trading.

Last Chance Chicago gives us a glimpse into the white collar financial and legal systems as well as the challenges confronting a recovering addict. The story is infused with such a strong flavor of both New York City and Chicago. The prose is so descriptive that the author makes you feel like you are on the streets and in the courthouses with them. All of the conversations are laced with snappy dialogue and the narrative really flows. The writing is so sharp that it was a bit surprising to me that it’s the author’s first book.

DiGangi has created well developed protagonists who the reader wants to root for. Initially, the pair seem to be opposites. Sam is so intense and outwardly brash, while her ex-wife Amy works in the male dominated financial industry where she has trained herself to be much more controlled. I loved these characters and I loved them even more after watching them navigate their differences.

The plot moved so quickly that I couldn’t put the book down. Throw a criminal conspiracy and two exes into the mix and the author created all of the ingredients necessary for a page turner. The tension builds as the facts are revealed, but the courtroom scenes especially have such a sense of urgency. Amidst the chaotic pace though there are still quite a few laugh-out-loud moments sprinkled in, as well as a very emotionally satisfying ending.  Last Chance Chicago is a strong debut that was so much fun to read!

I am very happy that I took a chance on it and I can’t wait to see what comes next from Diana DiGangi.

Last Chance Chicago is a 5 star read.

I loved it!

last chance chicago by diana digangilast chance chicago by diana digangi

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