This lesbian action book hit on a few current political topics

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lesbian action book

This lesbian action book hit on a few current political topics

Review of ‘Cost of Honor’ by Radclyffe

I was so looking forward to this book! The ‘Honor’ series is one of my all-time favorites. I have read the books, have listened to the great Abby Craden narrated audiobooks, and now the new installment that did not disappoint.


As it is usual with this series, Secret Service Agent Cameron Roberts and the President’s daughter, Blair Powell are at the core of the story that involves new challenges and a new couple. This time is about Agent Oakes Weaver and campaign manager Ari Rostof. We find ourselves a little over a month from the Democratic Convention, where President Powell is securing another nomination to run for a second term. Oakes is the agent in charge of the advance team for the convention. Meanwhile, an accident brings Ari in at the last minute to be the President’s new campaign manager. Can the President secure the nomination and skirt a new threat?

Well, it would not be an Honor book if there wasn’t an outside threat to our beloved characters. This conflict required a group effort to work through it. Radclyffe’s fans will be thrilled to see many old characters show up here. The ‘Justice’ series makes an important appearance in this book. Frye’s gang with the steamy Sandy/Dell pair and the crass but endearing Watts character make a comeback. I will readily admit this is not my favorite series by this author, but I did not mind one bit here (contrary to what I thought when they crashed the ‘First Responders’ series’ ‘Heart Stop’, but I digress).

The romance in this book was alive and well and came from more than one couple. Oaks and Ari’s romance was uncomplicated (who knew Radclyffe was capable of that?!) and perhaps too simple when one thinks about the monumental responsibilities the characters had. That said, I understand that complicating it would have taken away from the more prominent political theme. In the end, I enjoyed the book for the action and events in it more so than the romance. Call me nostalgic, but I loved seeing all the characters coming together. I usually get impatient with the romance and at times don’t care about the other things, but I found the story to keep me engaged being told from different point of views.

There were a lot of acronyms that I would have had to look up, except reading the ‘Honor’ series prepared me for them. Felt good, like a reward of sorts for following the books. The backstories that are usually included in a series were kept to a minimum which I enjoyed. The code names for the main characters, Eagle and Egret, now include Hawk (awww)!

This lesbian action book hit on a few current political topics. If it weren’t for the 2019 political landscape in the US, I would not have believed that part of the story. Alt-right, domestic terrorism and a pinch of Russia. Simply brilliant how the author navigated these issues to run parallel to current history. But I suppose, enough said about that. And may Andrew Powell win the party nomination. Where can I buy a ‘Powell 2020’ sticker?!

I think we all make concessions when reading stories. The one to make here is accepting the mains have time to develop a relationship. There is no way those two had a moment to spare when the convention was around the corner. Also, Oakes is young and I found it hard to believe she had such a level of responsibility.

This was another great addition to my beloved series and sure to please all Radclyffe’s fans. 4.5 stars

ARC generously provided to me by BSB via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian action booklesbian action book

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