One of my favorite lesbian action book series

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Lesbian action book

One of my favorite lesbian action book series

Lesbian Action Book Review of ‘Oath of Honor’ by Radclyffe



This novel serves as an installment in Radclyffe’s Honor series (book number eight) as well as in her First Responders series (book number three).

Wes Masters is a Navy Captain doctor brought in to fill in the position of Chief of the White House Medical Unit after the previous chief died unexpectedly. Evyn Daniels is a secret service agent assigned to the president’s protection detail. Sparks fly as Evyn is tasked with assessing Wes’ ability to work with the secret service and adopt the unique mentality of being responsible for only one patient’s wellbeing, the president’s. It becomes clear early on Wes’ abrupt arrival is a measure to stabilize the White House Medical Unit, but also to help investigate an internal leak that threatens the president. Can Wes put her feelings aside and carry out her duty?

This was another solid installment by Radclyffe. There is chemistry amongst the characters with medical undertones (where this author excels), action scenes and even a little suspense. The training exercises are fun to read about. There are fanatics that are infuriating and of course, a scary prospect for equality. The romance development is good, although we need to admit this author can definitely offer insta-love in her stories. The intimate scenes though felt a little off (this has been an impression since the first time I read this book). There is simply a mismatch between the bedroom and the out of bedroom chemistry.

This book can be read as a standalone but there is more enjoyable for those of us that have read the Honor series. Blair and Cam show up on a limited role. If you know them from previous books, it’s a treat. I have to say I was even glad to see the chief of staff, Lucinda Washburn, make an appearance!

I listened to the audiobook this time around, which was narrated by Betsy Zajko. I believe this was the first time I’ve heard her narrate and have some mixed feelings about the performance. She had some good moments but overall the narration felt choppy and flat most of the time. The voices were a little too similar sometimes and it was hard to figure out who said what.

Overall another successful installment to one of my favorite series. 4 stars


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