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A Stormy Lesbian Action Book

Lesbian Action Book Review of ‘Stormy Seas’ by Ali Vali



I wanted to snatch this lesbian action book up after reading the first one of the series not that long ago. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me as well as the first book in the series ‘Blue Skies’ did.

The story picks up a year after Commander Berkley Levine and Captain Aidan Sullivan accomplished the bombing of nuclear sites in North Korea. During that mission, it became obvious there was a conspiracy to throw the US government into disarray by American Patriots. The former Vice President is leading the militia attacks and group that has infiltrated all arms of the government. One of the reasons for such a radical idea is the presence of women in the military and other leadership positions, which makes Aidan and Berkley perfect targets. The book takes us through sea and land and a race against the clock before it is too late for justice to prevail.

It is difficult to rate this book because there are some very good action parts mixed in with some very unbelievable events. And I don’t mean good unbelievable, but rather unreal. I think Ms. Vali tried to tackle too many events in this book. It then turned into how many bad situations can Berkley get into, as well as placing the characters into unrealistic roles. For example, Berkley is an elite if not the best Navy fighter jet pilot, yet gets to go with a Navy SEAL team on the ground to search a property. Nope, do not think that is something that would happen. Also, three boats tried to take over a carrier docked on US Soil? As I said, some things were a stretch at best.

Most of the characters were introduced in the first book but a few new ones were a welcome and valuable addition. A sniper, Black Dragon, and the Navy SEAL team were great. Black Dragon seems to come with her own story and wonder if there is a book that talks about it or if one could come next. The North Korean fighter pilot in US custody continues to be part of the story but again, a little unrealistic in terms of the degree of her involvement when she was part of the enemy mere months ago.

Overall an action-packed story that will please those that can look past unrealistic circumstances. 3 stars

ARC generously provided to me by BSB via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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