A very exciting lesbian action romance book
lesbian action romance book

A very exciting lesbian action romance book

Review of ‘In Dyer Need’ by Claire Highton-Stevenson

This was a very exciting and a little scary lesbian action romance book, scary because it doesn’t take much imagination to see that something like this really could happen. It takes place in England and it’s about Andrea Fielding, British Home Secretary, and her Bodyguard Ren Dyer. This is the first of two books.


During a terrorist attack in several European countries and the United States with a widespread drug that changes people into deadly and bloodthirsty beings, Andrea and Ren are on the run to safety together with another agent, the Dutch Home Secretary (Andrea’s former lover) and her assistant. What they witness during their journey is unbelievably brutal, thousands of people are dead, everywhere is destruction and violence. They have several meetings with survivors, but not always friendly encounters. But they also find loyalty and friendship, even love.

I very much liked both main characters, they are really strong women, but they know sometimes you need a shoulder to lean on. In the scariest time of their life, they find each other, but is love enough to get through this horrible time? The romance in the middle of this horrible scenario is wonderful and very enjoyable.

The pace is steady and the story is gripping and has you hooked from the first page. All the characters are very well developed and helped the story to grow and added depth. The writing style is great and the story flows without a dull moment.

Highly recommended to everyone.

My rating 4.5 stars

Thanks to the author for receiving an ARC for an honest review

lesbian action romance booklesbian action romance book

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