A well-written lesbian action-romance book

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lesbian action-romance book

A well-written lesbian action-romance book

Review of ‘Trust’ by Aprille Canniff

An entertaining read. I have wanted to read this book for months. I really like stories about women in the military. This lesbian action-romance book is actually a debut for Canniff. I was surprised by that and thought that it was well written. I did think the book was a little long. Somewhere between the halfway mark and the end, I thought the story was dragging a bit. Certain scenes were a bit repetitive and I wanted to move on. But I think that is a newbie issue and the more Canniff writes, the better she will edit herself.


This is definitely more of an action book than a romance book. But I was happy with the romance that was there. Since the two women are working together and one is “the boss” this is more slow burn since it is the whole “we should not be together” kind of thing. I would have liked maybe a scene or two less of the training the team went through and put more time into the romance, but I enjoyed what was there. The romance was sweet and I thought they had good chemistry. Sometimes it was almost a love/hate relationship, but that only gave the couple more fire which was nice.

There is a good amount of action to keep you entertained. It is pretty easy to figure out who the “bad guy/girl” was, but the big action climax of the book was still exciting and fun to read. The book has a good cast of characters including the two mains that are very likable. However, I did think some of the secondary characters could use some work. This is a story about a military specialist having to train a team she put together. There are 6 total team members that train and try to get the bad guys together, but you only really know three of them. I can’t even remember two of the member’s names. They needed to have their personalities built up a bit more so that you would care about them if they got injured or worse.

While I did think this had a few bumps and was too long, it still was a good read and a quality debut. I was entertained and I enjoyed the story. I would absolutely give the next book Canniff writes a read. 3.75 stars.

lesbian action-romance booklesbian action-romance book

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    1. It seems that it’s been reported to have some quality issues (typos) and Amazon withdrew it from its site. I’m sure it’s going to be back for sale soon once they’ve corrected the issues…

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