Book 2 of The Lesbian Billionaires Club series

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Lesbian Billionaires Club series

Book 2 of The Lesbian Billionaires Club series

Review of ‘The Lesbian Billionaires Seduction’ by K.C. Luck, audiobook narrated by Senn Annis

This is book 2 of The Lesbian Billionaires Club series that follows the adventures of a secret and exclusive club of twelve lesbian billionaires. I recommend reading or listening to book one, ‘The Lesbian Billionaires Club’ or otherwise you’ll miss out much of the story. Plus, I found it more enjoyable than this installment.


This book is told in first person by Jael Nassar, an army captain in charge to protect European billionaire Lila who is being threatened by villain Georgia DeLane. As I said in my review of book one, the story is half erotica, half action in a James Bond-style. Like in those movies, don’t expect anything sophisticated but a portrayal of the luxurious life of the rich and a bit of action against an evil character.

The best parts of this book are the sex scenes which are varied and hot. Having said that, I didn’t like the characters as much as in book one, especially Jael. I couldn’t shake away the feeling that she wasn’t fulfilling her duties as an army officer and she was ignoring her orders and ethical duties. It felt out of character. This story asks for even more suspension of disbelief than the first one and unfortunately I couldn’t do it completely.

Regarding the audiobook, like the first one, it was narrated by Senn Annis, who did an excellent job of bringing to life the different voices and performing both the erotic and action scenes. She definitely made the story more enjoyable.

I’m not giving up on this series, I hope the next book will get back on track for me. 3.5 stars.

Length: 4 hrs and 54 mins

Lesbian Billionaires Club seriesLesbian Billionaires Club series

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