Lesbian Book Review of ‘This Foreign Affair’ by Harper Bliss

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Lesbian Book Review

A great story of mature lesbian love

Lesbian Book Review of ‘This Foreign Affair’ by Harper Bliss

Zoey Das is a journalist with her own television show in Australia. She is still finding her footing even six months after her partner of 16 years broke off the relationship. A serendipitous event puts Camille Rousseau, a scientist, in her path and the connection is immediate. The only problem is Camille is a week away from returning home, all the way in Paris, France. The holiday fling that feels like so much more may just be what Zoey needs to start a new chapter in her life.


This was a very good story. The mains are likable, very mature characters as should be at close to 50 years old. The book is told in first person from Zoey’s POV. Have I mentioned I love first person POV? Because I do!

But I digress…the story flows and the feelings are so raw one cannot help but get swept by the emotions of the characters and cheer her along when there is joy and reassure her when there is insecurity. Camille on the other hand, we get to know through Zoey. She is kind, level headed and one also easily becomes her champion. She is coming off a divorce and showing her true self after postponing it to raise a family and be part of the political world her husband belongs to.

The only conflict in this story is the obvious long distance relationship woes. Camille has grown up children and a newborn granddaughter. Zoey has worked her entire life for the opportunity of hosting her own show. Clearly, both characters have their own well-defined lives and it was great to see Zoey work through all of that as she strives to make sense of this relationship. Kudos to Harper Bliss for tackling some difficult topics with great poise and unnecessary drama.

This is book number four of the ‘Pink Bean Series’ but it works beautifully as a stand-alone. I listened to this one, narrated by Angela Dawe, a wonderful talent. In a somewhat unfortunate event, I had just listened to ‘French Kissing Season 4’ (narrated by Abby Craden, another phenomenal narrator) and it was quickly apparent that Zoey and Camille where indeed part of the ‘French Kissing’ universe. Surprisingly, this fact encouraged me to listen to the book instead of discouraging it. And I am glad it did as it was totally worth it.

A great story that will not disappoint romance fans. 4.5 stars.


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