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erotic lesbian stories

This collection Laid Bare great erotic lesbian stories.

Lesbian Book Review of ‘Laid bare. A collection of erotic lesbian stories’ by Astrid Ohletz & Jae (editors).



This is a collection of eleven short erotic lesbian stories edited by Astrid Ohletz & Jae for Ylva Publishing. Some of these works have been published previously as stand-alone. Normally the quality of the stories in these compilations is mixed but I’m happy to say that in this case all of them are really good.

‘Flashbang’ is a short sequel of Lee Winter’s excellent book ‘The red files’ and it explores reporters Lauren and Catherine’s new relationship. Steamy and well-written. 5 stars.

‘A different view’ by Jess Lea is a long-ish, interracial, age-gap story between a sportswoman and a photographer involving self-gratification. 3.5 stars.

‘Executive dining’ by A.L. Brooks is an office erotic story between a butch and a top femme. Great at turning the tables (pun intended). 4 stars.

’58 Seconds’ by Harper Bliss is an encounter between two commuters in the London underground with a twist at the end. Sizzling hot as it’s the norm with Ms. Bliss’s erotica. 5 stars.

‘Help yourself’ by Emma Weimann is a story of self-gratification as a way of reducing work stress. 4.5 stars.

‘Erasing the lines’ by KD Williamson is a short erotic sequel of’Blurred lines’ from the author’s Cops and Docs series. How can a newly established couple put up with geographical distance? Maybe phone sex is the answer. 4.5 stars.

‘Houseshare’ by A.L. Brooks is a polyamorous erotica story of a woman searching for a new home in which she finds more than a room with a couple of landladies. 5 stars.

‘It’s getting hot in here’ by Alison Grey is a sequel to the author’s novella ‘Hot line’ that involves hot phone sex. 4.5 stars.

‘Stress management’ by Lola Keeley is a tale of light submission and self-gratification while the main character learns to let go of her stress. 4.5 stars.

‘Something salty, something sweet’ by Emma Weimann is a story about the sensuality of both food and sex. 4.5 stars.

‘Worth the wait’ is a sequel to Jae’s ‘Just physical’ featuring a lead character who suffers multiple sclerosis. Original and hot. 5 stars.

Overall, a very good collection of lesbian erotica stories, not to be missed if you enjoy the genre. 4.5 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


erotic lesbian storieserotic lesbian stories

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