A thrilling lesbian cop story with DI Sophie Whitton
lesbian cop story

A thrilling lesbian cop story with DI Sophie Whitton

Review of ‘Grave decisions’ (Detective Sophie Whitton #2) by Claire Highton-Stevenson

‘Grave Decisions’ is the second book (#1 The Doll Maker) in the Detective Sophie Whitton series and it is a fantastic second part of this lesbian cop story. The author created a gripping and thrilling book about a vigilante, who acts as a judge and an executor.


After Anita Simmons’s body was found on top of a grave, DI Sophie Whitton and her team are commissioned to solve the case. As more and more similar cases are discovered, the picture is clear, there is an avenger with a mission. But finding the murder is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. I wondered the whole time, who’s the culprit, but I couldn’t guess it. And this is something I really love in a thriller. I liked how the team worked together and slowly but surely solved the case.

The second story in the book is Sophie’s recovery from her last case, the Doll Maker, where she nearly lost her girlfriend Rachel. They both are dealing differently with the processing of the event. PTSD isn’t something to take lightly, but they are strong women who needed time to admit they have to get help. And with this help and with each other they are making progress. And maybe someday they can take the next step in their relationship and move in together. I very much appreciated that Sophie isn’t just a tough cookie with no feelings, but struggles to find her balance again and to grow in the partnership with Rachel. And she learns to set new priorities in work and life.

The only small complaint, or maybe it isn’t even a complaint, but I would really love to know more about Rachel, her past and the present. Maybe we get to know her better in the next book? I hope there will be more of Sophie and Rachel.

Highly recommended. My rating 4.75 stars

Thanks to the author for receiving an ARC for an honest review.

lesbian cop storylesbian cop story

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