A classic Lesbian Cops and Docs book

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Lesbian Cops and Docs book

A classic Lesbian Cops and Docs book

Lesbian Cops and Docs book Review of ‘Safe Harbor’ by Radclyffe (Audiobook)

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Aww, my friends Tory and Reese. I have read this lesbian cops and docs book more than once and this time it was a re-listen. Before you judge me, I just visited Provincetown so this seemed like the only choice for my next audiobook! ‘Safe Harbor’, published in 2004, is the first installment of the Provincetown Series, which has a total of seven books (and hoping for more).

Reese Conlon has just become Provincetown’s new sheriff after leaving active military duty. Raised by her career military father, her future was always tied to the Marines. Now in her thirties, she left the only life she has ever known to satisfy a disquiet she can’t quite understand. Tracking her estranged mother brought her to Provincetown. Here she meets Dr. Tory King, who left Boston for this town after finding out her partner of twelve years cheated on her. Circumstances bring these two women together as Reese’s feelings awaken and Tory learns to trust again.

I feel any book by Radclyffe has two strong leads with an instantaneous or almost instantaneous love. The readers either love it or hate it. Perhaps as lesfic grows and has more authors, Radclyffe’s formula seems a little outdated, but the truth is it works for the majority of her readers still to this day. Being a romance fan, I accept the premise and just enjoy the ride. For me, that means the medical aspect that Radclyffe excels at.

‘Safe Harbor’ has a fair amount of medical jargon because of Tory being the only doctor in town and there are a few scenes that I thoroughly enjoyed. The story also has some tender moments along with some action scenes where our mains have to brave their way through different situations.

Nicol Zanzarella narrates the entire series and did a wonderful job. She sets a particular pace on her narration but it works for me and I’ve listened to the entire series.

It was so great to hear about places that I literally just visited. Herring Cove, Commercial and Bradford Street, dunes just to name a few. Although I will admit that after seeing the great white signs and all the seals, I’m not sure what Tory was thinking when she gets on a kayak every morning! I’m good admiring the ocean from the shore.

Overall a great start to a very good series. 4 stars

lesbian cops and docs booklesbian cops and docs book lesbian cops and docs booklesbian cops and docs book

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