A very good lesbian crime action audiobook with a sweet romance
lesbian crime action audiobook

A very good lesbian crime action audiobook with a sweet romance

Review of ‘The Scorpion’ by Gerri Hill,

Audiobook narrated by Abby Craden

Investigative reporter Marty Edwards, a specialist in cold cases, goes to Brownsville, Texas to research an unsolved murder case. But Marty’s digging isn’t welcome in the Brownsville Police Department so they assign Detective Kristen Bailey to babysit her. After surviving two attempts on her life, Marty abandons Brownsville and the cold case but danger follows her. Along with Detective Bailey, they go underground to try to solve the murder risking their lives and their hearts in the process.


This is a good crime novel with romance on the side. Gerri Hill is one of those versatile authors who can write very well both mysteries and romances. I particularly like it when she combines them. ‘The Scorpion’ is an entertaining novel that keeps the reader on their toes with an ending hard to predict. It’s true that some circumstances around Marty and Bailey’s running away from danger feel a bit unrealistic at times, but the overall result is entertaining and an absolute page-turner.

I especially liked the romance between the main characters, even though there were trying to solve a crime and running away from danger, Ms. Hill managed to create fantastic chemistry between them and even delve deeper into sexuality issues. The intimate scenes were, as always, well written and consistent with the plot.

I’ve listened to the audiobook narrated by Abby Craden who, as usual, did a great job. This is a hard book to narrate as there are as many fast-paced thrilling scenes as emotional ones. Ms. Craden performed both with ease and her customary talent. I have one objection, though. This book has quite a few Spanish words as it deals with Mexican-American criminal gangs. As a native speaker, I have to say that Ms. Craden’s Spanish is far from ideal though the listener can tell that she’s trying her best. Anyway, the result is acceptable for an English speaking audience typical of this audiobook so no harm is done.

This audiobook is available for free with a Scribd subscription, duration: 7 hours.

Overall, a very good lesbian crime action audiobook with a sweet romance on the side. 4.5 stars.

lesbian crime action audiobooklesbian crime action audiobook


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