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Lesbian debut book

This Lesbian Debut Book will make you feel

Lesbian Debut Book Review of ‘The Song of the Sea’ by Jenn Alexander

4.50 Stars. This was an excellent lesbian debut book for Alexander. Alexander won this year’s Sandra Moran scholarship from GCLS’ Writing Academy. Anna Burke won this scholarship last year and with her highly rated and successful books Compass Rose and Thorn, I had high expectations that Alexander would continue in a similar vein. I’m happy to say that I was really impressed by this drama-romance. Not only can Alexander write, but she knows how to make a reader feel. Alexander now has my attention and I will be keeping my eye out for her future books.


A little over a year after losing her newborn son, Lisa feels stuck in her grief and depression. When she gets a phone call from her brother announcing his wife is having a baby, Lisa knows she has to run away to the one place she has ever felt some real solace, the ocean. Lisa decides a long stay at a small beach town where her Great Aunt still lives, might just be what she needs to get her life back on track. But when Lisa meets Rachel and her son Declan, her feelings for them shock her. What kind of relationship can she have with them when she is still grieving for her child?

I do have to be honest that this book is tough to read. We all know these kinds of drama books that are so good yet you can’t even count the number of tissues you went through, well this was one of those books. I’m sitting here typing this review with my eyes burning because I could not stop crying. Every time I would compose myself and I could start breathing through my nose again, I would turn the page and the waterworks would start again. This book wrecked me a bit, to be honest, but that was because of how well written it was. I was crying because I cared. I think Alexander wrote about grief extremely well and also realistically. I do want to make clear that this book is not all doom and gloom. This is a romance and there are sweet moments and, most importantly, moments of hope. It’s a tough read but it is also a very satisfying read.

If you are looking for a well-done drama-romance, a book that will make you feel, this is a great pick. If you are looking for a book you will not soon forget, then this is for you. I thought this was a really impressive debut and I can’t wait to see what Alexander will write next.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian debut booklesbian debut book

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