A sweet lesbian romantic read
lesbian romantic read

A sweet lesbian romantic read

Review of ‘Home’ by Jenn Alexander

A sweet lesbian romantic read. This is Alexander’s second book and the second one of hers that I have read. While I have to be honest that I enjoyed her debut book ‘The Song of the Sea’ more than this one, I did like this book. What I realized is that Alexander can really write. While I might not have liked her story choices as much this time around, the writing quality of her books is really impressive, especially for someone who is so new to her craft. I have a feeling Alexander is going to be around for a long time to come.


This is a story about Rowan, who leaves her hometown of Portland to move to Texas for her dream job. Texas could not be any more different then Rowan is used to so she is struggling with homesickness even though being a grill chef is everything she ever wanted. When she visits a cattle ranch to buy local meats, Rowan can help but be attracted to Kate the rancher. Could Kate be the person to help Rowan see that Texas is the right place to be?

I don’t know what it is but I love ranches, horses, and all that cowgirl stuff when it comes to lesfic. As soon as I saw what this book was about I knew I wanted to read it. I think Alexander did a great job with the setting and showing some of the roots of Texas. Alexander just writes very well and she easily transports you to wherever her setting is.

Alexander’s debut book was a drama that was tough to read. If I remember correctly I was crying my eyes out half the time. I was really surprised to see her go from such a dramatic book to such a light read with this story. These books are almost complete opposites. While I don’t mind a good sweet romance, I wish this book would have had more conflict to really drive the plot. It wasn’t until about the 80% mark that was really was any conflict and that was the angst. The other issue for me is that the little conflict there was, was really predictable. The conflict and the resolution was a little too telegraphed for my tastes.

I did find myself enjoying the romance. I could have used a tad more chemistry, a little more heat, but I did like the two characters together and was rooting for a possible happily ever after. I thought their dates and the ‘get to know you’ phase was well done and pretty cute.

Overall I didn’t love this, but it was still a good read. I think people wanting sweet romances right now would be happy with this. This book really solidified me about how well I think Alexander writes. I now know her skills in her debut book were not a one-off. I would absolutely recommend her debut ‘The Song of the Sea‘ to any drama fans and I will be reading whatever Alexander writes next. 3.50 Stars.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian romantic readlesbian romantic read

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