Wonderful lesbian drama book about love, friendship, loyalty and family

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lesbian drama book

Wonderful lesbian drama book about love, friendship, loyalty and family

Review of ‘Sara’s choice’ by Patty Schramm

This lesbian drama book begins shortly after the first one (‘Finding Gracie’s Glory‘) ended. Grace and Liv are now in a stable relationship but Grace is still dealing with her experiences of the past relationship with her abusing ex-wife Carly. Liv is trying hard to find the balance to nudge Grace to share their life more and more, and not to push too much and shoo her away. About half of the book is about them and the progress in their relationship. I like them very much as individuals and also as a couple.


The other big part of this book is about Sara, Liv’s best friend. After being the happiest woman for three months with Terry, being dumped by exact the same woman, Sara’s disillusioned about finding her HEA. A short time later, she made a bad choice with a woman she went on a date, which turned out to be a real pain in the ass, one who does not hesitate to use force. She also met Bren, a young lovely blue-haired woman, which is a fun company but isn’t Terry. Has Terry ruined her for every other woman?

After the loss of her wife Ann to cancer, Terry moved back home to Whitehorse an into her mother’s house, as she realized she couldn’t continue alone with her daughter in Quebec. She wasn’t prepared to fall in love again, but Sara has broken down her grieving walls in no time. But when somebody is trying to take her daughter away, she makes a huge mistake. One she will regret big time. Will there be just a tiny little chance to get Sara back, or will she always be alone?

We know Sara from the first book, where she was an important secondary character. I liked her as a loyal and loving friend to Liv, and I liked it even more that this time she played a bigger part in the story. Everybody should have a friend like Sara in their life. Terry is a good woman too, I especially loved her interacting and talking with her daughter Felicia. You will know why I mention this when you’ll be reading the book. I fell in love with Felicia immediately.

But, there is also some drama and violence. This time the violence is not the predominant theme as it was in book one, but an important part. It is a wonderful story about friendship, loyalty, family dynamics, and love. If you liked the first book this series, you will like this one too. And I hope there comes more. I’m a fan of series where the characters continue their own story through the whole series, and in every book, we get to know new people which add to their families and friends.

My rating 4 stars.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian drama booklesbian drama book

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