A very emotional lesbian romance book

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lesbian romance book

A very emotional lesbian romance book

'Finding Gracie's Glory' by Patty Schramm is a very emotional lesbian romance book with a tough beginning and a HEA.

Review of ‘Finding Gracie’s Glory’ by Patty Schramm

The first part of Finding Gracie’s Glory is very hard and tough to read, it starts with physical and emotional abuse in a relationship. I’m lucky, I’ve never experienced any kind of abuse, and I’m extremely thankful. Therefore, I can’t really comprehend how it is to be in such a terrifying and abusive relationship. How hard it can be to get out of it, to find the strength to go. It’s absolutely unimaginable and pure horror.


After the physical wounds are healed and with the help from her family and therapist, Grace is finally able to start to get her life back. For that, she visits her grandfather, who lives in Canada’s Yukon Territory. He owns a Goldmine and Grace loved to work there since the first time she’s visited with her parents. She has a deep connection with her Grandfather and she believes, that he can help her find her footing again. When she meets Olivia Templeton, the daughter of one of the other owners of a goldmine, she feels an instant connection to her. But, her heart and soul are still damaged, will she be able to open up and trust again?

Olivia Templeton has a bad record at relationships, she’s not sure, that she’s able at finding the right woman for her. At the moment she’s content with the friend-with-benefit-relationship she has with her best friend. But after meeting Grace the first time, she too felt the connection with this woman, despite the fact she doesn’t know her. Should she really try again for a relationship?

I really liked how they first become friends and not just react to their attraction they felt from the first moment. It would not have been believable. Both MCs are very likable, and I rooted for them to be together forever. The emotions, good and bad ones, are very well written and you can feel the panic, the pain, the joy, and the love. Also, some of the secondary characters are very well developed and add to the story. I especially liked the loving relationship of Grace with her grandfather.

But the drama at the end of the book, which brought them apart, was very clichéd and the outcome predictable. In most parts of the story, the feelings and thoughts related, but in the end, the reunion was rushed. I love a happily ever after, but I want to know the process, the thoughts that led to it, to trust again.

Overall a very emotional lesbian romance book with a tough beginning and a HEA. My rating 4 stars.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian romance booklesbian romance book

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