I've enjoyed this lesbian erotic romance audiobook

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lesbian erotic romance audiobook

I’ve enjoyed this lesbian erotic romance audiobook

Review of ‘Temptation’ by Kris Bryant,

Audiobook narrated by Brittni Pope

Cassie Miller’s parents cut off all funding when she dropped out of medical school so she takes a nanny job for millionaire businesswoman Brook Wellington. But when both women realise their mutual attraction, it gets harder not to give in to temptation…


In her acknowledgments, the author says that after writing some pretty heavy books she decided to write something more playful. And she delivered. As in really, really playful. At first sight, this novel follows the cliche of boss-nanny romance but the execution makes it really worth a read. I liked that the author takes her time in building up the leads’ chemistry and turns the heat up slowly, but once the hotness is on, it burns.

I’ve read this novel a couple of months ago and I liked it very much so I’ve decided to listen to the audiobook version by Brittni Pope who narrates most of Bryant’s novels. I admit that I didn’t like the audio version of ‘Listen‘ so I had low expectations on this one too. However, this audiobook was so much better for me.

Ms. Pope has a beautiful, sultry, low voice that goes well with the novel tone of seductiveness. Even though some of the characters’ voices sounded too similar to each other, the main characters were distinctive enough. However, I didn’t like Ms. Pope’s voice choice for Brook’s son who is a very important secondary character but I understand that it might be hard to portray a 6-year-old boy. But Ms. Pope’s performance of emotions, intimate and difficult scenes was very well done.

It’s funny how my experience from reading to listening to this story changed my perception of the main character Cassie. Typical of this author, this novel is written in first person from the exclusive point of view of Cassie’s so the listener is in her headspace a lot. Ms. Bryant did a great job in building this character, it is definitely multi-layered and her actions are consistent throughout the book. but somehow this wasn’t a positive thing for my listening enjoyment.

I have to admit that sometimes Cassie comes across as exactly who she is, an entitled rich (though temporarily in financial trouble), fairly arrogant, and quite juvenile twenty-something woman. Is it realistic? Yes. Is Cassie an easy-to-love character? Well, not really, though she’s got redeemable qualities in the end. On the other hand, Brook’s character complements her well. She isn’t a larger-than-life ice-queen like Lee Winter’s characters, but she is very reserved and cautious and it’s a pleasure to see her thaw in and out of the bedroom. For me, Cassie’s personality isn’t an issue, I prefer believable rather than perfect characters but I know some readers/listeners won’t like her.

Duration: 7 hours, 46 minutes

I’ll definitely recommend this lesbian erotic romance audiobook as it won’t disappoint Ms. Bryant’s fans. 4 stars.

lesbian erotic romance audiobooklesbian erotic romance audiobook      lesbian erotic romance audiobooklesbian erotic romance audiobook

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