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lesbian erotic romance book

A good lesbian erotic romance book

Review of ‘Arms wide open’ by Donna Jay

Another good read from Jay. I’m a big Jay fan. I have read all of her lesfic books and I will continue to do so. What I love about Jay is while her books are mostly erotic-romances, they always involve realism. You don’t feel like you are reading about two characters, you feel like you are reading about two people and no one else really does this as well as Jay does.


While I am putting the lesbian erotic romance book tag on this, I would more call this a contemporary romance with erotic elements. This is a story about a married couple who are more mature than we normally see. The characters in this story are in their 50’s, which we don’t see much in a book with erotic elements. As someone who reads hundreds of books a year, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate reading a book like this with older women. I crave variety so I appreciate Jay writing a book about some sexy mature women.

I do have to say the book started a little slow for me. Due to some readers being concerned that the book’s blurb meant infidelity, Jay came out and let people know there was no cheating in this book. Unfortunately, because of knowing that spoiler, the drama, in the beginning, was obvious and it didn’t grip me as it would have otherwise. I understand why Jay did this, not wanting to lose out on any potential readers who would have passed on this thinking it was about infidelity when it’s not. But I can’t help wishing she would have just said screw it and left the spoiler out. The beginning would have been much more gripping for me. Luckily, I did get into the book about a quarter of the way in and enjoyed the rest of it.

Like all of Jay’s books, the sex scenes were good and steamy. There were some light BDSM elements, but they were very light. A little spanking and ordering around, but that was about it. As I mentioned above, Jay writes real women so the sex scenes were very believable, not porno style. I also think Jay came up with a configuration I have not read before. I’m no expert on erotica so that may be why but I was surprised to think I read something new to me.

While I can’t say that this was my favorite Jay book, I did really enjoy it. The more I read the more I cared about the characters and got hooked into the story. Jay’s realism and her choice to write about characters and a storyline others might shy away from, really appealed to me. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

A copy was given to me for an honest review

lesbian erotic romance booklesbian erotic romance book

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