A steamy lesbian erotic romance book
lesbian erotic romance book

A steamy lesbian erotic romance book

Review of ‘Complex dimensions’ by Brenda Murphy

I didn’t love this but I thought it was a solid story. I have to be honest I grabbed this book because the cover caught my eye. NineStar Press has some of the best covers around so it’s no surprise. But I picked this book with my eyes and didn’t even read the blurb. For one thing, I didn’t realize this was part of a series. Luckily, because this book focuses on a new character, you can’t even tell this is not the first in the series. And for people that read my reviews, you know how anal I am about series reading order, so for me to say you can start with this book, you can really start here if you want.


Besides not knowing this was part of a series, I didn’t realize this was a lesbian erotic romance book either. It had light BDSM elements which were mostly dom and sub play. Part of my issue was I really wasn’t in the mood for this kind of book today. I spent all week helping my father, who is getting up in age, do some physical labor and I’m just exhausted. This was the first book I have read in days because I have been so tired and on top of that I somehow got a bad case of poison ivy to drive me nuts. The reason I’m getting a little too much information here is that I wasn’t in the mood for some of these erotic sex scenes. I have a feeling that if I was in a different frame of mind I would have gotten into them instead of almost wanting to skim. However, I would make one request to Murphy about her sex scenes. I would consider expanding the vocab of the more submissive character from just “please this” and “please let me…” it was way too repetitive for my tastes.

A few weeks ago I was just commenting on how I have never read a book about multiple lesbian/bisexual sex workers before. Surprise but this is the second book now to go on that list. This series is about the Rowan House, an estate where there are sex workers that perform BDSM. This book specifically is about a woman hired to run the horse barn, not as a sex worker, so this book doesn’t really delve into the sex worker part of the estate. If you are more interested in that aspect, one of the other books in the series looks like it might fit that better.

If you are in the mood for an erotic–romance with some steamy sex scenes but a sweet romance, this book might be perfect for you. I wish I could say I loved this but even though I can’t it was still entertaining and a solid read. I might even try to read this again when I’m in a different head-space to see if it works better for me. 3.5 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian erotic romance booklesbian erotic romance book

3 thoughts on “A steamy lesbian erotic romance book”

  1. I thought the book was terrific, well written and wonderful character development. I’d give it six stars if I could.

  2. I love this review so much! I think it may just be my favorite. And, honestly, it makes me more interested in this book than if someone had given it a straight up rave review.

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