A feel-good lesbian erotic romance with some real heat

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lesbian erotic romance

A feel-good lesbian erotic romance with some real heat

Review of ‘Corporate lines’ by Donna Jay

This was a feel-good lesbian erotic romance with some real heat. Considering it has been around 5 degrees here the past couple of days, an enjoyable romance with some heat could not come at a better time. While I would not call this a holiday romance, it’s still perfect for this time of year. I’m a Jay fan, I believe I have read all of her lesfic writings and I appreciate that she doesn’t disappoint.


This is a story about two people that meet at work, have an instant attraction but don’t know if they will ever see each other again. While the beginning of this book almost had a perfect porno set-up, if you know Jay you know she writes erotic-romances which means romance not just great sex scenes. And encase you are unfamiliar with Jay most of her works, like this one, includes BDSM.

If you are a little on the fence about BDSM or are new to it, Jay’s books are a great way to see if it might appeal to you. Jay always writes consensual play with agreed-upon limits. The scenes never feel like they go overboard and they feel like they are done by two people in a loving relationship. I always praise Jay on this but her characters are always realistic everyday people not porn stars and it makes the stories more approachable.

The romance itself was a feel-good romance. There is a little angst but it’s not too much. It was just enough conflict to keep the story moving without it feeling overdone. The characters had some good chemistry together and it kept growing as the book went on. And like in all of Jay’s books the sex scenes are hot and well done. There is enough variety so that they never feel repetitive and considering this is an erotic book, the amount of sex scenes is perfect. Not too much but just right for the story length.

If you are in the need for some heat for this already cold winter, this book should warm you right up. If you are a Jay fan already chances are good that you will enjoy this one too. 3.75 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian erotic romancelesbian erotic romance

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