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A really hot lesbian erotic romance

Review of ‘Temptation’ by Kris Bryant

Cassie Miller’s parents cut off all funding when she dropped out of medical school so she takes a nanny job for millionaire businesswoman Brook Wellington. But when both women discover their mutual attraction, it gets harder not to give in to temptation…


In her acknowledgments, the author says that after writing some pretty heavy books she decided to write something more playful. And she delivered. As in really, really playful. At first sight, this novel follows the cliche of boss-nanny romance but the execution makes it really worth a read. I liked that the author takes her time in building up the leads’ chemistry and turns the heat up slowly, but once the hotness is on, it burns.

People who have read her Ms. Bryant ‘s erotica novella ‘Shameless‘ under the pseudonym of Brit Ryder, know that this author can write intimacy well. This is more a romance than erotica but the sex scenes are as varied and hot as in ‘Shameless’. It’s a step under Meghan O’Brien’s books but it’s nevertheless hot.

Typical of this author, this novel is written in first person from the exclusive point of view of Cassie’s, which provides an aura of mystery around ice-queen Brook, a guarded and enigmatic businesswoman. Even though there is an age gap of 14 years between the main characters, this is balanced well as Cassie is a woman more mature for her age, who maintains the freshness of a person in her 20s. Brook isn’t a larger-than-life ice-queen like Lee Winter’s characters but she is very reserved and cautious and it’s a pleasure to see her thaw in and out of the bedroom.

The cast of secondary characters are very well developed and all are relevant to the plot or subplot. My favourite is Nanna, Cassie’s grandma, who is a spitfire and super funny. Both leads’ extended families help to bring the main characters to life and justify their actions and personalities. Brook’s 6-year-old son is a very well written character and plays the main role in getting the leads together.

Overall, a really hot lesbian erotic romance that won’t disappoint Ms. Bryant’s fans. 4.5 stars.

ARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian erotic romancelesbian erotic romance

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