Lesbian Fantasy Book 5 Review of ‘The Magic Hunt’ by LL Raand
Lesbian Fantasy Book

L.L. Raand works her Magic

Lesbian Fantasy Book Review of ‘The Magic Hunt’ (‘Midnight Hunter’ Series) by L.L. Raand

This is the fifth installment of Radclyffe’s ‘Midnight Hunter’ lesbian fantasy book Series.


‘The Magic Hunt’ picks up after another attack on the Were Alpha by a group of humans who do not want to allow the Praetern species to get equal rights under the law. The Alpha must continue her quest to protect her mate and now born pups, as well as her pack by trying to find out who is behind the attacks.

Now the Timberwolf Pack finds itself fighting another pack and its ambitious leader, as well as offering sanctuary to the Viceregal’s escaped prisoner Torren de Brinna. Can this prisoner help the Alpha save one of her own and shift the balance of power within the vampire ranks?

I recommend the books be read in order so one can follow and enjoy the story better. Radclyffe always gives a bit of a summary but I can not imagine the story being as enjoyable if one can’t understand the circumstances. As it is, there are some things that have not been explained completely and this is book number five in the series.

As the story continues, there is more of the same. I have to say the beginning of the book was slow and predictable. The vampires and werewolves were represented by the familiar characters and made the story almost stagnant as even the sex was repetitive. Yes, so much of it around every corner one becomes immune to the lines.

Then, of course, Radclyffe managed to throw a curve ball and introduce a new Praetern species, the Fae. This character, Torren, was frustrating until it revealed itself and then it was simply magical, hence the title of this installment. Her powers and background managed to inject the series with, in my opinion, much needed fresh air. Now there is another ally and another world to pique our interest.

The story continues to be about the struggle of the Praetern species after the humans realize these non-human creatures have been in existence for millennia. This series mirrors our real world in how love transcends species and gender. Something to ponder and simply enjoy.

There is also a special treat in the downfall of a vampire (finally!), although I’m sure she will be back in the next book. The Michel and Katya storyline marches forward as well.

The book ends on a small cliffhanger and no doubt I will be reading the next installment soon.

Overall another solid installment of the series that brings the old set of rules and characters with a new Praetern species. 3.5 stars

lesbian fantasy booklesbian fantasy book

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