Going Wild with this Lesbian Fantasy Crime Book

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Lesbian fantasy crime book

Going Wild with this Lesbian Fantasy Crime Book

Lesbian Fantasy Crime Book Review of ‘Wild’ by Meghan O’Brien

I chose O’Brien’s ‘Wild’ continuing with my new year resolution to read more lesbian books out of my comfort zone. Thanks, Tere for the recommendation! I’m so glad I decided to finally take the plunge and read it. It’s true that it deals with a vicious serial killer and there are violence and some disturbing content which normally are triggers for me, but the author handles them with finesse.


Selene Rhodes is a reclusive designer who hides a secret, not only she can shift to any other animal shape but also every full moon she transforms into a werewolf without a human conscience. So, for her, any romantic involvement is ruled out. Forensic pathologist Eve Thomas is brilliant at her profession but unlucky in love. When she meets Selene, who helps her after an attack, they cannot help but feel strongly drawn to each other. But Selene keeps secrets and Eve cannot trust her. Can Selene open up to Eve and help her catch a dangerous serial killer?

Even though the obvious label for this book is fantasy/crime and there is a good portion of the plot that revolves around catching a serial killer, the romance is at the forefront of the plot. The love story isn’t just a bit of emotion thrown at the side, it’s a full-on, filled with tension and angst, hot-as-hell romance. Ms. O’Brien is well known for her erotica novels so it’s not unexpected that she can turn the heat up on any type of genre. What caught me unawares is the level of feelings and depth of emotions involved.

‘Wild’ is written in third person from the point of view of Selene, Eve and the serial killer so the reader gets to know his intentions before the characters. This doesn’t take the thrill and some parts keep the reader at the edge of their seat. All the characters are well-written and the reader can really empathise with their feelings and at times feel their heartbreak. This book will leave satisfied not only the fantasy / crime fans but also those who are looking for a beautiful romance.

Overall, a great fantasy / crime book with a beautiful romance at the forefront. 5 stars.


lesbian fantasy crime booklesbian fantasy crime book lesbian fantasy crime booklesbian fantasy crime book

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