A must read/listen for fans of lesbian medical romances

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lesbian medical romances

A must read/listen for fans of lesbian medical romances

Review of ‘Fated Love’ by Radclyffe,

Audiobook narrated by Abby Craden

Published in 2004, this is my favourite novel by Radclyffe. A slow-burn medical romance with endearing characters, off the charts chemistry and a couple of twists and turns.


When Quinn Maguire, a trauma surgeon with impeccable credentials, accepts a position as an ER physician, her new boss, Honor Blake, suspects that Quinn is hiding a secret. But as Quinn proves herself more than useful in the ER department and Honor starts to bring her walls down, both women struggle with an unexpected mutual attraction. But an unpredicted turn of events will try their budding relationship and make them face the fragile nature of life.

A prime example of medical romance, ‘Fated love‘ is a beautiful story of endurance in coping with bereavement and illness. The mains chemistry is absolutely off the charts and despite the curveballs that life throws them, they completely belong to each other. This book has all that medical romances should have, ER fast-paced scenes, great dialogues, family life, and superb romance. I have to admit that this novel isn’t perfectly written, there is some head-hopping and some dialogues are a bit melodramatic, but the story is so powerful and compelling that I’m more than happy to ignore those details.

I’ve read it a few times and this is my second time listening to the audiobook impeccably narrated by Abby Craden. As usual, Ms. Craden does an amazing job with great voices for all characters regardless of gender and age. This book goes through a very wide range of feelings and emotional situations, both positive and negative, and Ms. Craden narrates them with authenticity and competence.

The only audiobook issue for me is that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish if the characters are thinking or talking aloud, but that’s not the narrator’s fault, it’s the fact that Radclyffe mixes thoughts with dialogues frequently, which is easy to pick when reading but hard when listening. Despite this, the powerful nature of the story and the narration makes it a must-read/listen for fans of lesbian medical romances. 5* stars.

Duration: 9 hrs and 46 mins

lesbian medical romanceslesbian medical romances

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