Radclyffe writes wlw medical romances like no other
Unrivaled by Radclyffe

Radclyffe writes wlw medical romances like no other

Review of Unrivaled by Radclyffe

This is book 5 of the PMC Hospital Romance series which started with Fated Love, one of my favourite lesfic books ever. So getting the chance to revisit the characters from that book is always a great idea.


Zoey Cohen is a surgery senior resident in the Philadelphia Medical Center absolutely dedicated to her career and guarded in the matters of the heart. Declan Black returns to PMC after an accident that cost her career as a neurosurgeon and is still accepting the changes in her life and career. When a medical emergency brings them together, a mutual attraction starts to grow but will they give their hearts to each other?

All the books in this series can be read as a standalone. However, this one in particular, catches up extensively with the lives of Quinn and Honor, the protagonists of book one so I recommend you to read at least Fated Love to see how it all started. It’s not a hardship as Fated Love is still the best in this series.

Radclyffe writes wlw medical romances like no other and she’s still unrivaled in this subgenre (pun intended). As a retired surgeon, you can trust this author to write authentic representations of medical emergencies, life in hospital and the pressure of the medical profession. If you are looking for that, Unrivaled won’t disappoint you. The medical scenes and the descriptions of life as a doctor are among the best that she’s written and it keeps readers engaged and entertained.

Having said that, the romance was a bit disappointing for me. I couldn’t connect with the main characters and I felt their chemistry was a bit off. Maybe it was because my attention was grabbed by the medical aspects of the story, or the updates from Quinn and Honor’s lives but the romance felt as if it was a secondary plot in this book. In fairness, with so many things happening in this novel, the characters didn’t have that much time for normal interaction, let alone romance.

If you are interested in reading gripping medical scenes, this book is definitely for you. If you are a fan of this series and want to catch up with the lives of all the characters involved, then I recommend it too. But if you are looking for romance and all the feelings it involves, then you might be disappointed. 4 stars.

Unrivaled by Radclyffe

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