A lesbian military romance with emotional and tough themes

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lesbian military romance

A lesbian military romance with emotional and tough themes

Review of ‘Faithful valor’ by Isabella

This is book number three in the ‘Faithful’ series by Isabella which is necessary to read in order. If you don’t, you’ll miss the whole background on the leads Nic and Claire. It’s been a long time ago since I’ve read the other two but I remember I’ve liked them.


Colonel Nicole (Nic) Caldwell tries to rebuild her life after deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. The last deployment has nearly cost her life. Scarred both physically and mentally, now dealing with PTSD, she’s struggling to get her life back. She’s looking forward to starting with the job she was supposed to have before her last deployment. As it’s in her nature to always protect the weaker, it sometimes brings more trouble than she’s bargained for.

Claire is happy to have her wife back in one piece but is worried about her mental state. She wants to help and give stability in her life, and she wants back the intimacy they shared before Nic was deployed. She is going to school again and together they are raising their daughter Grace. I really like Claire and Nic as a couple. Connection and chemistry are great and it is beautiful to see how much they care for each other, as it should be in a relationship. There are lots of emotions on display but without being cheesy.

Cece, the newest member of the college campus cops, knows Nic from her deployment in Afghanistan. She has moved from LA to Monterrey together with her mother and her daughter Melita. Even though Cece is a good addition to the plot, I didn’t feel the need for her point of view. But maybe this is the foundation for another book coming with Cece as a lead and maybe a potential love interest for her.

I have to warn that this is not an easy read, it touches several difficult and tough themes, like PTSD, counseling, rehabilitation groups, family issues, and suicide. It is not extremely detailed, but for some of you, it might be too much.

I wished this book was longer, it only has about 170 pages and I felt everything was touched but not developed enough like in the previous books. There are so many things I would have liked to know more about. For example, some background on Cece and her family, or how Grace is coping with Nic’s PTSD, and more about Cece’s and Nic’s friendship.

Overall, a good lesbian military romance with some emotional and tough themes. My rating 3.5 stars.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian military romancelesbian military romance

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