A better romance than a lesbian mystery book

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lesbian mystery book

A better romance than a lesbian mystery book

Review of ‘Heart of a killer’ by Yolanda Wallace

This was a slightly above average read that made a better romance than a . I’m a Wallace fan and have read almost all of her books. I’m not sure what it is but I have not been in love with her newer books. This book was perfectly fine and a nice read, but I wanted more than nice. I wanted that Wallace magic that I’m used to from books like ‘Murphy’s law’ and ‘The war within’.


Besides the fact that Wallace is still an automatic read for me, I picked this book up because of the assassin storyline. I can’t help but like reading about a morally gray character. I love a real badass who still has a good heart so I thought this book would be right up my alley. Maybe I watch too much ‘Killing Eve’ or maybe I compared this too much to ‘Requiem for Immortals‘, but the contract killer named Santana wasn’t badass enough for me. While I actually liked her character, she wasn’t ruthless enough for someone who has been killing for twenty years. There were multiple times I said “oh this guy is really going to get it” or “Santana is going to take care of him” but that didn’t happen. I just felt the sudden change in Santana was not only unrealistic but also just not very fun.

There is a slight mystery in this book. Someone is killed so Santana, the other main character named Brooklyn, and the police are trying to figure it out. I love some mystery in my books but the problem was this one was really predictable. And I mean really predictable because you as a reader will figure it out before you even get a quarter of the way through the book. That is just way too early and it took away the fun of the mystery for me.

The best part of the book was the romance. While I had trouble picturing Santana as a killer, I liked her personality and how it fit with the other main Brooklyn. The chemistry is not off the wall or anything, but it is there and I was hoping for a happily ever after. I hate to say this as someone who enjoys intrigue and mystery, but I think I would have enjoyed this book more as just a romance.

Lastly, I just have to point out whoever gave Wallace some bass fishing info didn’t do the best job. In the book, they catch a bass that is supposed to be over 10 pounds and act like they need to catch more fish for dinner to feed only four people. People don’t eat pounds of fish in one meal. That one fish is enough to feed them multiple times. Not only the meal thing but a 5-pound bass is this giant tank of a fish anyone would be extremely proud of. Over 10 pounds is record-breaking. For instance, in my state of Vermont (which has good bass fishing) the biggest largemouth bass ever caught was 10 pounds 4 ounces in the year 1988. There are a bunch of states that have never even had a 10-pound bass caught in the history of fishing records. So for the characters to catch a bass over 10 pounds like it happens every day is just not real. I know I probably just put some people to sleep here and I’m sorry. But I like to fish and it drives me nuts when something so easy to check in a few minutes online, is wrong in a book.

This was a perfectly nice read but not the Wallace magic I was hoping for. If you go into this more for the romance than the intrigue, I think you might enjoy this more. I’m not giving up on Wallace and I’m keeping my fingers crossed her next is a winner. 3.25 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian mystery booklesbian mystery book

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1 thought on “A better romance than a lesbian mystery book”

  1. “I know I probably just put some people to sleep here and I’m sorry. But I like to fish and it drives me nuts when something so easy to check in a few minutes online, is wrong in a book.”

    I feel for you *and* I cringe when I spend this much space on one issue that others may think is minor, so I feel for you on that, too. And I’m glad for the info.

    Sounds like a good read, regardless, and it’s good to know that if I’m not fond of this book, an earlier book of hers may be in order.

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