A must read for lesbian mystery books fans

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lesbian mystery books

A must read for lesbian mystery books fans

Review of ‘Not dead enough’ by J.M. Redmann

After ten books this series is still brilliant. Redmann is up there as one of the best mystery writers ever. Ten books in a row and all of them are great to fantastic, it’s just damn impressive. It’s has been almost 3 decades Redmann has been writing these books and the characters are still not stale. Think about how impressive that really is.


All of the books feature Micky, one of my all-time favorite characters ever. She is a flawed character that has been through more than you can imagine, still drinks a little too much and sometimes slips over to the wrong side of the law. But what makes Micky so damn likable is that her hard outside shell is really protecting a heart of gold.

In every one of these books is a standalone mystery. You could just pick this book up and read it fine. I personally would suggest starting at good old number one. While the mysteries are completed each book, the drama, angst, heartbreak, and love is a continued storyline through all of the books.

Micky and her core group of friends, you read about their lives and how they change over the years with each and every book. And sometimes it’s even more than that. A character that was important to the mystery of book one actually popped back up in this book. Had you not read the first book, you would miss their history together. I know it is daunting to start a series that has ten books. But I honestly dare anyone to read the first three books in a row and not become completely hooked. It’s that good of a series.

I don’t want to talk about what happened in this book too much for spoiler reasons for people who might be new to the series. I will say this was an important stepping block for Micky. Micky needed this book to better understand herself and to have some more inner peace. I guess technically Redmann could end the series here. Micky’s on a good track and it’s a nice even 10 books… but I sure hope not. I want even more for Micky and a big send-off, so Redmann, please bring on number eleven.

If you are a lesbian mystery books fan, these novels are a must. Redmann is an excellent author and this series is fantastic. I do believe reading these in order you will get the most out of the Micky experience. My only complaint is I wish Redmann wrote faster, I want more Micky now. 4.50 Stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian mystery bookslesbian mystery books

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