One of my first lesbian mystery books, now on Audiobook

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lesbian mystery books

One of my first lesbian mystery books, now on Audiobook

Review of ‘The killing room’ by Gerri Hill
Audiobook narrated by Abby Craden

Special Victims Unit Detective Jake McCoy is recovering from a shooting that left her physically injured and emotionally scarred. As she is hiking in the mountains of Colorado trying to forget the past, she meets Psychologist Nicole Westbrook, a beautiful and intriguing woman. After sharing a day of passion with her, they part ways without knowing much more of each other than their first names. When Jake returns to Denver, a serial murder investigation soon leads her to Nicole. As the investigation develops, their physical attraction threatens to compromise the case. Can Jake and Nicole solve the case, survive the serial killer and have a happily ever after?


This is a very good mystery novel by Ms. Hill and one of the first few lesfic books I’ve read. Normally, lesbian mystery books have a little bit of love story on the side, but ‘The killing room’ has equal parts of mystery and romance and both remarkably well done. The mystery plot is filled with twists and turns and has an unexpected ending. The romance is very hot and the mains’ chemistry is sizzling, the build-up of the leads’ first encounter is masterful.

Both main characters are very well written and relatable, specially if you came out more than ten years ago. The leads come from very different backgrounds and have very distinctive personalities which makes this a very good opposites-attract story. Despite their differences, Ms. Hill manages to build the romantic and sexual chemistry to very hot levels. The story is entertaining and its twists and turns keep the reader/listener invested until the end. My only critique is that the romance conflict at the ending seemed a bit contrived, but it’s my personal opinion, and it’s so subtle that I’m sure most people won’t mind.

I have to alert readers/listeners about possible triggers. The book deals with the investigation of a sexual predator and serial killer so there are mentions of rape and violence though there aren’t graphic scenes as such. I’m normally quite sensitive to these issues but the way Ms. Hill dealt with them didn’t stop me from enjoying the book.

Regarding the Audiobook, this is one of these cases in which the narration makes the story even better. Ms. Craden sets the different tones of romance, mystery, and action skilfully, she performs the range of emotions perfectly. It’s easy to see what’s happening in your mind’s eye and that’s something I’ve come to value in an audiobook. 4.5 stars for the story, 5 for the narration. Average 5 stars.

Not available on Audible Escape but it’s free with the Scribd subscription.

lesbian mystery bookslesbian mystery books


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