This was a super entertaining lesbian mystery romance book
lesbian mystery romance book

This was a super entertaining lesbian mystery romance book

Review of ‘Sylver and Gold’ by Michelle Larkin

This was a super entertaining lesbian mystery romance book! When I read Larkin’s debut Mercy, two years ago, I knew she was an author to watch. ‘Mercy’ had some bumps but it was a solid 4 stars just on entertainment value alone. With Sylver and Gold, she somehow managed to write a book even more entertaining than ‘Mercy’. Not only is this my favorite book by Larkin, but I believe this is easily her best book so far.


When I saw Larkin’s name on the cover, I thought mystery and maybe thriller so I knew I absolutely wanted to read this. What I didn’t realize is that she tossed in a little paranormal too. I mean a lesbian mystery romance book with a slight paranormal twist, is basically saying “here Alexis this book is for you”(okay let’s just pretend that I did not refer to myself in third person). I could not have been happier with these genre choices and I’m so glad this was everything I was hoping for and even more.

I do want to mention for the non-paranormal fans out there… this is a crime/mystery about catching a serial killer, with a subplot of an opposites-attract romance. The paranormal part is just a little twist to make this book even more entertaining. If you like crime/mystery-romances read this, you won’t be disappointed.

I was really happy with both main characters. As I mentioned before they are pretty opposite, Miss Ivy League versus Ms. Blue Blood. These two don’t get off to a good start but you can feel the chemistry right away. Their interactions are wonderful together and it put a big smile on my face half the time. The sex scenes are fade-to-black but I didn’t mind it one bit. You believe that their connection is growing stronger, as the book goes on, so I didn’t actually miss those scenes.

There is a serial killer so there are some gory depictions. There is also talk about child abuse and sexual assault. Both of these happened in the past so while it breaks your heart to hear about, you are not witnessing it firsthand. And while these are some tough triggering subjects, I never felt depressed or weighed down by the story. During a lot of the book I even had a smile on my face and other times I was hopeful for the characters. So yes, tough subjects but this is not a really dark book.

As I mentioned in the beginning that after reading Larkin’s debut, I knew she had some really good stories ahead of her. This was the book I was waiting for and I was thoroughly and completely entertained. I’m also interested to see if Larkin might turn this into a series. I feel like their story is just beginning and I can see such potential for more. But no matter what Larkin writes next, I will be reading it. 4.50 stars.

An ARC was given to me for an honest review.

lesbian mystery romance booklesbian mystery romance book

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