This lesbian paranormal romance is a little gem
lesbian paranormal romance

This lesbian paranormal romance is a little gem

Review of ‘Keepers of the Cave’ by Gerri Hill

Well, there I was, looking for new lesfic audiobooks included in my new Scribd membership when I see what turned out to be a little gem!


This is a 2012 release with a sequel (‘Weeping Walls’, also included in Scribd!) released a year later. The story revolves around a pair of FBI agents, Paige Riley and CJ Johnston. They get assigned to pose as a couple at an all-girl school while investigating a 50-plus year history of disappearances. The school is located in a secluded area of East Texas and the only thing near is a strange small town, Hoganville.

This story is listed as a thriller/romance. The thriller part was scary enough for me, but I’ll be honest, I scare easily. The crime is divided into a freaky cult type and a paranormal/fantasy element. I can see the cult being alive and well nowadays, but the paranormal part not so much. Two things about that. One, it played like a good ‘monster of the week episode’, Arcadia, cough cough. And second, I can’t believe I used to be a hardcore X-Phile!

The romance part was well done. The typical couple assignment is good and different because one, they worked together and knew each other and two, the mains had shared a night of sex a few months ago. I thought that was a great small detail to add that made all the difference in the world when it came to me to believe the romance part of the story. The chemistry was there and it was nice to see the characters’ interactions while growing closer.

The story does make reference to arranged couplings, incest/inbreeding and child sexual abuse. Nothing is described in detail but enough to make me cringe at times.

The narration was fabulous in the voice of Abby Craden. Seems she narrates so much lesfic! Thank goodness she’s great! She managed to inject the right amount of emotion into the dialog. Fear, desperation, humor and even tenderness.

Another good story by Ms. Hill. 4.25stars

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