A solid lesbian pioneers story set in the 1800s

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lesbian pioneers story

A solid lesbian pioneers story set in the 1800s

Review of ‘Cavalcade’ by K’Anne Meinel

The westward journey along the Oregon Trail during the 1800’s is pure Americana legend. It’s an absolute goldmine for storytelling and ‘Cavalcade’ takes on the epic lesbian pioneers story with pure gusto.


If you read ‘Vetting‘, then you need to know that ‘Cavalcade’ and its sequel, ‘Pioneering’, recount the story of Dr. Fiona Herriot’s ancestors, Erin and Molly Herriot. However, Erin and Molly’s stories can be read as standalone.

Back in Ohio, it’s the 1800’s, and best friends Erin and Molly decide to sell the family farm and head out west. They have no choice. They’ve fallen in love and the only way for two women to flourish as a couple is for Erin to take on the identity of a man and husband. To be safe, they must start out fresh in a place where no one knows them.

On the way to join the wagon train, Erin and Molly get married, adopt a family of 5 stair-step children, and then in Missouri, begin the harrowing trek out west. The Herriots venture through the wilderness, drive their livestock, and a Conestoga Wagon onward, crossing the madness of raging rivers and fighting off wild animals. But the core of the story is the sweet love and dedication that Molly and Erin show towards one another and their children. They are determined to find open space and freedom to live as a caring family. The book ends with the journey complete but leads to the next chapter of their story, ‘Pioneering’, which I plan on reading next. A solid 4.5 stars.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian pioneers storylesbian pioneers story

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