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Perfect rhythm by Jae

A Perfect Book by Jae

Lesbian Book Review of ‘Perfect Rhythm’ by Jae

Alright, this one was a very good read.


Leo is a famous singer just finishing a world tour when she receives a call from her estranged mother. Her father has suffered a stroke and her presence is needed at home. Home is the small town in Missouri where she grew up but quickly left in order to pursue her singing career. It was also the place she never fit in and where her father was clearly disappointed on her choice of career as well as her sexual orientation. Leo meets Holly, her father’s nurse, when she makes it home and discovers her father’s condition has left him in need of full-time care. As Leo confronts her past, she strikes a friendship with hope for more with Holly. Only, she must make amends and gain Holly’s trust in the process.

This novel was the first one I’ve read that has had an asexual character.

Kudos to Jae for tackling this topic in such a wonderful way. I do not consider myself savvy in terms of, well, many things, but especially sexuality and labels. I was fascinated as the story unraveled and could not wait to see how these two characters would navigate a relationship. Holly’s desire to have a partner is like any allosexual person. However, her experiences have left her hopeless to find someone to have a relationship with. Leo, on the other hand, has had all sorts of women throw themselves at her because of sex, money, and fame, so she finds Holly refreshing as the connection is made on an emotional rather than physical level. And it was a great connection. I anxiously waited for this fabulous chemistry to manifest into some sort of arrangement that would satisfy both characters.

There are other good topics in the book that will make the reader think about family and friends, forgiveness and the leaps that one must take at times to pursue happiness. The main characters were very likable and sweet, and the secondary ones were well done as everyone has come to expect from this author. Parents are flawed and some more understanding and redeemable than others, but all of them felt real nonetheless.

I listened to this audiobook and it simply made me look for creative ways to find time for it. Sitting alone in the parking lot at work is perfectly normal. Waiting to open the garage door when you get home after a 12-hour shift is what everyone does. It is not rude to put earbuds on while one waits at the doctor office! My AirPods actually died, which has never happened to me before. Angela Dawe narrated this one and she has quickly become a favorite of mine. She did another excellent job and I will not hesitate to look for her other audiobooks.

An interesting read that will encourage the reader to ponder about sexuality and relationships with great characters and chemistry between the mains. 5 stars.

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