‘Chasing Sunset’ in this Lesbian Road Trip Book

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Lesbian road trip book

‘Chasing Sunset’ in this Lesbian Road Trip Book

Lesbian Road Trip Book Review of ‘Chasing Sunset’ by Missouri Vaun

Iris Fleming is a Hollywood actress most famous for a Super Bowl Doritos’ commercial. She is flying to Atlanta to read for a part in a series that could finally give her the break she needs when the director makes a pass at her and all is thrown into disarray. She flees the city and ends up renting a cabin next to area native Taylor Finn. Finn’s parents own the cabins and she has been living there for a year saving money to pursue a stunt driving class in California. The two women hit it off and circumstances align so they agree to drive west together. The main’s relationship continues to flourish but as the end of the trip is in sight, so are their individual insecurities and failures, pulling them apart.


This is a butch/femme romance that mostly takes place over 2 weeks or so. The chemistry between the mains is there and both are likable enough. So what is wrong? The story was happy sailing until the storm hit at 81%. I’ve never been focused on the 80% mark buy boy that was right on target. The reason for it was on the silly spectrum for two people that had such a strong connection. A little communication guys! Finn came out on the other side looking immature. Also, for someone who had such a strong desire to become a stunt driver, she seemed misinformed about it, making her question her dream. The trip itself bored me some but I suspect people familiar with the area will enjoy reading about it.

I’ve read ‘Love at Cooper’s Creek’ by this author and really enjoyed it. Perhaps I had too high expectations for this one. The writing was solid as expected by such a good author and I would not hesitate to read another one of her books.

The cover of this book is fantastic and what, along with the author, made me grab the book. Wonderful job by Tammy Seidick, I’m fast becoming a fan of hers.

Overall an okay romance book with good chemistry between the mains. 3.5 stars

ARC generously provided to me by BSB via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

lesbian road trip booklesbian road trip book

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