A great and at times funny lesbian romance audiobook

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lesbian romance audiobook

A great and at times funny lesbian romance audiobook

I really enjoyed this lesbian romance audiobook. 'The neighbor' by Gerri Hill is a great and at times funny read that will not disappoint.

Review of ‘The Neighbor’ by Gerri Hill (audiobook)

Laura Fry returns home to help her estranged mother after her second husband dies suddenly. Seven years have passed with little contact since Laura never got along with the deceased husband since she blamed him for the accident that crippled her mother amongst other things. As Laura reconnects with her mother, she meets the new neighbor, Cassidy Anderson. Cassidy works in the city but comes to the house (and the pool) every weekend.


Laura can’t help but see the pool from her writing room and notices not only how great Cassidy looks in a swimsuit, but all the different women Cassidy brings for weekend company. The noise of Laura’s lawnmower is the catalyst for the first meeting and what becomes a relationship as Laura ends up maintaining the neighbor’s lawn. Can Cassidy look past her type and embrace what she has been looking for her entire life?

I feel like maybe I’m enjoying the mother’s arguments too much, but the initial interactions between Laura and her mother were wonderful and sassy. Their entire relationship felt real and no doubt one that most people can relate with one way or another. The mains had wonderful chemistry and their relationship built slowly, from a testy first encounter to more than friendship. By the time the first kiss came, goodness gracious, at last! I also liked how Ms. Hill resolved Laura’s professional life. A published writer of exactly one book eight years ago, something needed to give with such writer’s block. It was nice to see some realistic decisions being made.

There were a few moments of laughter on my part. The entire binoculars storyline and references to it were priceless. How Laura referred to Cassidy’s dates was also entertaining and serve to illustrate the author’s point on Cassidy’s personal life choices that left her feeling lonely and empty. That was also resolved nicely as Cassidy understands what her life has been about for the past twenty years and the shift that is needed to reach her personal goals.

I really enjoyed this lesbian romance audiobook. Fresh from winning a Goldie, I was excited to also find this one on Audible’s Escape Package. I ended up listening to the entire thing today as I spent almost 6 hours in the car. Then got home and just put the AirPods on so could finish it. This audiobook was narrated by Nicol Zanzarella in a great performance. I have also listened to her narrating Radclyffe’s Provincetown Series, for those of you interested.

This was a great and at times funny read that will not disappoint. 4.5 stars

lesbian romance audiobooklesbian romance audiobook     lesbian romance audiobooklesbian romance audiobook

lesbian romance audiobook

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