An entertaining lesbian romance book

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Lesbian Romance book

An entertaining lesbian romance book

Lesbian Romance Book Review of ‘Sunsets and Shades’ by Erica Lee

Grace Harper needs to regroup during her summer teaching break as her life is still in disarray after she found her girlfriend of four years cheating on her months ago. She reconnects with childhood friend Leah and asks if she can go visit her in Philadelphia. Leah’s roommate is no other than lesbian romance author Laurel Lake, except in real life, she is Kinsley Scott.


Laurel is a hopeless romantic like her fan Grace, but Kinsley is sarcastic and does not believe in love. As Leah spends time with her boyfriend, she leaves Grace and Kinsley to fend for themselves. Opposites at many things, the arguments are constant. However, there is an undeniable attraction that just makes Kinsley push Grace away out of sheer fear. Can she conquer her doubts and offer Grace a happily very after?

The story is narrated using first person point of view, alternating between Grace and Kinsley. I think this is why I enjoyed it as much as I did. One gets to know both characters, and although Kingsley’s can be difficult, we get to see that she really cares. Thank goodness for that because I wanted to slap some sense into her more than once. Her actions were a little frustrating at times. Grace, on the other hand, was more likable from the get-go. I did like that the story takes place over the entire summer break and there is a progression to the relationship that sometimes is lacking in these books.

The secondary characters were likable and added depth to the story. And! Yes, a cute chinchilla pet was part of the story. There is some revisiting of hometowns and especially on Kinsley’s part, a small story about making amends. The mothers were insightful and helpful when it came down to it. Who knew that was possible?

I have to quickly mention that I absolutely loved this cover. However, it really didn’t have anything to do with the book. Bummer.

Overall an entertaining romance for first person POV lovers out there. 3.5 stars

lesbian romance booklesbian romance book

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