A light and entertaining lesbian romance intrigue audiobook

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lesbian romance intrigue audiobook

A light and entertaining lesbian romance intrigue audiobook

Review of ‘Little lies’ by Lila Bruce,

Audiobook narrated by Tia Rider Sorensen

FBI Special Agent Dylan McKenzie needs to locate missing accountant Steven Horton who is a potential witness to bring down the Giametta Crime Family. Dylan and her team are assigned to shadow Lia Broderick, Horton’s ex-wife, in case he tries to contact her. But when Lia becomes a victim in a bank robbery, Dylan has to break her cover to help her. Both the investigation into the mob family and the relationship between Dylan and Lia heat up and now both women have to run for their lives but not from their hearts.


I’ve read the book a couple of years ago and liked it very much, now having listened to the audiobook, I liked the story even better. This is a light and entertaining lesbian romance intrigue audiobook. It’s hard to pull off a romance while the characters are on the run but Ms. Bruce did it nicely. Both main characters are created very well and their chemistry is hot. Their banter and witty dialogues are one of the highlights of the book. The secondary characters, specially Lia’s family are well done and bring lightness and fun to the story. The plot has a perfect balance of mystery, action, romance, and humour.

The audiobook is narrated by Tia Rider Sorensen, my first time listening to this performer. Her voices are quite good, specially the female ones, not so much the male characters. Most of her performance of the characters’ feelings is well done but I’m a bit on the fence on her narration tone that sometimes sounds a bit monotone in scenes that shouldn’t be. Despite these minor hiccups, the book still shines and it’s worth a listen. Available for free with the Audible Escape package, you have more than eight hours of entertainment guaranteed.

Overall, a recommended romance intrigue story with mystery, action, romance, and humour. 4.5 stars for the story, 4 stars for the narration. Average, 4.5 stars.

lesbian romance intrigue audiobooklesbian romance intrigue audiobook     lesbian romance intrigue audiobooklesbian romance intrigue audiobook

lesbian romance intrigue audiobook

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