A lesbian self image book by Harper Bliss

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Lesbian self image book

A lesbian self image book by Harper Bliss

Review of ‘Everything Between Us’ by Harper Bliss, a lesbian self image book



‘Everything Between Us’ is the third installment in the ‘Pink Bean Series’, currently comprised of nine titles.

Josephine Greenwood is a PhD student in the gender studies department. Her thesis is about body positivity, however, Josephine is very aware she is not the slender type and finds it hard to move past her own body image. Enter Caitlin James, an accomplished gender studies professor moving back to Australia after a ten-year hiatus in the US. Caitlin is drawn to Josephine but her advances are met with incredulity. Can Josephine move past her relationship woes and give Caitlin a chance?

This story has so many tropes! It definitely takes us through a couple of topics that are not often discussed in lesfic, weight/ self-image and failure to achieve orgasm during sex. These are the main ones and make an age-gap romance, rich/poor romance and open relationship romance tropes take a back seat and are almost a non-issue. Actually, the financial and open relationship is even more of an issue than the age-gap, which is such a well-known trope in lesfic.

The self-image topic was refreshing, and being someone who has struggled with it for most of my life, felt almost validating. The story was narrated using my favorite, first person POV, from Josephine’s perspective. It allows the reader to connect with all her insecurities and the stories that founded them. The other interesting topic regarding the ability to reach orgasm during intercourse was also well depicted and, come on, how many authors out there write about it? We are used to reading about first encounters and kisses that are mind-blowing, sex marathons, perfect fits, etc. Rarely we get glitches that the characters have to work through. Kudos to Ms. Bliss for tackling these.

My only disappointment with this story was that it felt unfinished. The main issue being Caitlin does not believe in monogamy and it is obvious Josephine does. That is one big difference and one that there was no compromise achieved. Now, this is a series and already I know there is a quick mention of these characters in book four. I shall continue to listen to see if there is more of an ending to the tale.

This audiobook is included in Audible’s Romance Package, recently renamed Audible Escape. It is narrated by Melissa Moran, who did an acceptable job. While the voices were great and did not find one that grated on me, the two mains were a little too similar and at times I had to figure out who said what. Overall though I would recommend it.

Another solid novel by Harper Bliss with non-traditional tropes. 4 stars

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