I just love this lesbian steampunk-fantasy series
lesbian steampunk-fantasy series

I just love this lesbian steampunk-fantasy series

Review of ‘A Pinch of Salt’ & ‘A Hint of Hope’ by Nita Round

I just love this series! Round’s ‘The Towers of the Earth’ is a three-book series (with book 4 on its way this month) plus these two novella prequels. ‘A Pinch of Salt’ is the first of the two prequels, the other is ‘A Hint of Hope’ and as of June 2020, the first novella is free. It is a great way to get a feel if this lesbian steampunk-fantasy series is for you. And how can you go wrong when you can get this novella for free? In a world of pirates, mermaids, and mummies, Round has created a version of Earth filed with magic and adventure, and I love every minute of it.


What was great about this prequel is that we get to see how two of the main characters, Ascara and Magda, grew such a strong connection and bond together. And as a huge Ascara fan, I loved getting to learn even more of her backstory. So many questions you had reading the books are now answered here. And what is great is this is truly where the series begins so new readers can absolutely start here.

I also read the second novella prequel ‘A Hint of Hope’ and it was just as good as this one. It answers the question of how Magda finally became an airship captain. It was action from beginning to end and my only disappointment is that the story is over. I’m so glad that book 4 is coming out this month because I want to keep reading this series. It’s addicting for sure. This series is now on Kindle Unlimited which is an absolute steal. 5 stars.

lesbian steampunk-fantasy serieslesbian steampunk-fantasy series      lesbian steampunk-fantasy serieslesbian steampunk-fantasy series


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