An exhilarating lesbian thriller book

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lesbian thriller book

An exhilarating lesbian thriller book

Review of ‘Tumbledown’ by Cari Hunter,

Audiobook narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent



Maybe it wasn’t such a clever idea to listen to ‘Tumbledown’ straight after ‘Desolation Point’ since now I miss Sarah and Alex. Part of me would hate being friends with them in real life because I would worry about them incessantly. Another part of me, however, would love it because they’re such great characters. They’re so strong and brave and all-around badass, yet also funny and tender. I might be a little bit in love with them both. Look at me looking for romance in a novel that is not about romance…

After surviving the terrifying events of Desolation Point, Alex and Sarah are living the quiet and happy life neither knew she wanted, in a cabin by a lake in Maine, with a dog, cats, and chickens. They keep their heads down, but being the awesome women that they are, they get noticed anyhow. It wouldn’t be a problem if the whole white supremacist organization that almost got them killed in book 1 had been entirely eliminated but of course, that would be too easy. Someone is seeking revenge and wants them to suffer.

‘Tumbledown’ is as exciting, fast-paced and adrenaline-filled as ‘Desolation Point‘ was. The plot works well, there are twists and surprises and the bad guys are very bad. About that, I know it made sense for the story but I wish the domestic violence theme could have been avoided. I understand the purpose and I know how common it is in real life, I just don’t want to read about it anymore. Then again, I like how Cari Hunter deals with it.

As I wrote above, I love Alex and Sarah and I love the relationship between them. In this book, they’ve been together for two years already, so the dynamics are different: they’re not falling in love while trying to stay alive anymore, they’re fighting to save the one they love. There’s something very powerful about that.

In conclusion, ‘Tumbledown’ is another excellent lesbian thriller book by Cari Hunter, wonderfully narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent. I need a – short – break from adrenaline, otherwise, I’d be moving on directly to the Dark Peak series…

Duration: 9 hrs and 34 mins

lesbian thriller booklesbian thriller book

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