I’m a huge lesfic zombie books fan
lesfic zombie books

I’m a huge lesfic zombie books fan

Review of ‘Z-Town’ by Eden Darry

This was interesting. I’m a huge lesfic zombie books fan. If it has zombies in it I will read it or watch it so I was happy to pick this as my first ARC to read from Bold Strokes Books’ new batch. I am wondering if my expectations might have been a bit too high. After reading my favorite zombie book ever written, ‘Charon Docks at Daylight’, it’s hard to compare anything else to that book. To me, ‘Z-Town’ felt closer to a ‘Shaun of the Dead’ type story, except for that this book isn’t a comedy.


I do have to say that I thought the title was cute and I liked the premise of zombies in Provincetown. A group of lesbians fighting to save P-Town sounds good to me. I was also happy with how Darry chose to explain the zombies. It is out there yes, but zombies are out there anyway. It wasn’t just a virus, which none of us need to read about right now, but instead, it had a neat little history and was just more inventive.

This book is just pure entertainment. If you go into it looking for anything more you might be disappointed. It’s the kind of book you need to just go with the flow and definitely not take things too seriously. This was a fast read that kept me entertained while I’m stuck home on a Saturday night due to Covid still ravishing the USA.

While this book is all about zombies, there is a romance. It is actually a second chance romance which I think was a smart choice by Darry. Through a few flashbacks (that surprisingly I didn’t mind) we get insight into what worked and what didn’t for the main characters as a couple. The reason this was so smart was that with all the danger and just trying to stay alive, had these two just met the romance would’ve had to be insta-love to work in this condensed time period. Writing the characters to have a history ahead of time made this potential couple way more believable. While the overall romance was only okay for my personal tastes, I think Darry really tried to make it work.

This was only an average zombie book for me. As I mentioned before, I loved the location and the twist on a normal zombie, but I didn’t find the book to be as gripping as I hoped. The book was very readable and entertaining, plus with October around the corner, this book’s theme is perfectly timed. If you are looking for some zombie entertainment, and just want some fun, this book may be for you. 3.25 Stars.

A copy was given to me for an honest review.

lesfic zombie bookslesfic zombie books

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